Friday, June 26, 2009

Random Pictures

Here are a bunch of random pictures of things that we have been doing over the last couple of months. I get such a build up because I don't ever put the pictures off my camera onto the computer. That is why there are so many.

The other day Dalley went to a water party and then when he got home he fell off the porch and conked his head on the side walk. I was trying to take a picture of the bump on his head, but I had to laugh at how funny this face is.

Dalley and his new boots. He loves boots ,but I am having a hard time finding ones that will fit his funny little feet so he is getting quite a collection.

This is Dalley winking. It is seriously the cutest thing I have ever seen. If you wink at him he will wink back. He gets really into it and concentrates hard. He is such a flirt.

Riding his new four wheeler Dustin just had to buy him.

The cute recliner we bought him in Cedar. He loves things his size so when he saw this little recliner he fell in love with it. It is cute to see him all kicked back drinking a bottle.

The very dangerous cow I bought him to bounce on. It is even too dangerous for Dustin's four year old niece. It is a major tipping hazard.
One day Dalley went to his aunt Haley's house. She had a bag of clothes for him and he found this shirt and wanted it on. After that he wouldn't take it off so he wore it all day. Even though it was long sleeved and a Halloween shirt.

Dustin's sister and brother-in-law came over for a bbq. I think this picture is pretty cute.
Dalley out in the yard posing by the pretty flowers. My yard has so many flowers in it. I love it.

This is Michael posing in one of our trees. He is such a good kid.

Daisy, she is so photogenic.

Belle in the same tree, She has a temporary tattoo on her forehead.
Sorry if this one is a little graphic. Dustin was shoeing horses for a guy here in town. The horse dropped his foot off of Dustin's leg and a nail that was sticking out sliced him open. I couldn't get him to go to the emergency room so he just had an EMT stereo strip it together. They only held for like 8 hours so now he has a huge scar from it.

Dustin should have been a barber. he loves cutting every one's hair, or rather buzzing every one's hair.

Dalley wearing Dad's old stinky hat

Driving the rake tractor with Uncle Dean
Sucking on a rubber ducky

Portland Trip

So this last week I got to travel to Portland for work. I signed up for the trip so that I could go up and visit Shawn, Stina, and Ira. I talked my mom into going with me so that I wouldn't have to leave Dalley. She readily agreed at the prospect of spending time with Ira. We flew out from Salt Lake on Monday morning. After arriving at the hotel we called Shawn and he picked us up and took us to a BBQ at their house in Vancouver. We had fun hanging out and catching up. They have a really nice garden that they have been working hard on.
On Tuesday my mom spent the day with them and they picked me up after work and we went to Hillsboro to a Farmer's Market. it was really fun. There were all kinds of booths and things. We had Himalayan Food at the Kat Mandu Cafe. It was really good. Stina's sister also sold these amazing whole wheat cookies at her booth we bought some cookies and some banana bread to take to the Hotel for breakfast.
Wednesday we walked to a seafood place near the Hotel in downtown Portland, or close to downtown I think. It was pretty good. then we went back to the hotel to watch SYTYCD. We are all big fans.
Thursday we drove back out to Hillsboro to have dinner with my aunt. There were four babies there. Dalley,Ira, and two of my cousins had babies there as well. It was nice to see family that we don't see very often. It was great to meet the little babies that we hadn't met yet.
Friday I got out early so we decided tog o to the zoo. It decided to rain and we ended up getting a little wet. Dalley didn't like it as much as I thought he would. He was mad that he couldn't get in with the animals, he didn't want to just look at them he wanted to play. Ira was a little angel the whole time. He is such a good baby. After the zoo Shawn and Stina made us a feast and then we went back to the hotel to hang out.
We left around 10:00 on Saturday morning and by the time we got to Circleville it was 6:00. I was beat and I felt sorry for my mom who still had to drive all the way to Hiko so my dad wouldn't be alone on father's day.
All in all it was a great trip. It is always nice to travel when work is paying.I am glad I got to spend time with Shawn and his family. It is always great to see them. i am also so thankful to my mom for being willing to travel with me so I don't have to leave Dalley behind. It also gives Dalley quality time with his "ma".

Dalley and Ira playing after the zoo. Dalley's pants got wet so we took them off to dry. We don't know exactly how it happened but Ira ended up taking Dalley's diaper off. It was pretty funny when I realized that Dalley had been sitting on my lap for awhile without a diaper on. That is always a dangerous situation to be in.
Ira and his girlfriend Macee at the zoo. They are wearing their rain ponchos. They were holding hands all day and at one point Macee was sucking on his hand. It was really cute.

This monkey got really close to the window and watched Dalley. Dalley liked him too. The monkeys were Dalley's favorite.
Shawn in his nice poncho
Dalley in his poncho

Mom, Shawn, and Dalley waiting to go in the zoo.
Dalley in his High Chair at Chipotle, Ira is in the other high chair
A very cute little Ira
Ira and Dalley playing at the Hotel, they played pretty good together.
Shawn and Stina at the Newport Grill seafood place.
Hugging each other
At the farmer's market, Dalley spent a lot of time with Shawn. He loves his Uncle Shawn
At the Farmer's Market
Playing with Uncle Shawn at the BBQ
Ira crawling around with his girlfriend
Dalley and Uncle Shawn
What a Handsome Boy

College Days Pictures

This one is for Jessica,Cher, Laura, and Natalie. I got these photos from Shawn and I thought they were great. Brought back a lot of memories of that old house we lived in and the great friends we had back then. I miss those carefree college days, but I probably wouldn't go back. I can't get over how young we used to be and look.Enjoy!

Celeste, Chandler, Me Shawn, Jessica, and Jessica?, Seth, Jessica,Chandler,Natalie, Celeste, Me

Cher, Me, and Seth

Laura,Cher, Shawn, Celeste, Seth with a little me on top

Jessica, Laura, and Cher