Monday, November 16, 2009

Halloween and other stuff

So I was thinking that I should probably post Halloween before Thanksgiving comes. Dalley and I went out to Nevada for Halloween this year. I found Dalley a really cute horse costume and he loved it. We had only planned on taking him to my Grandma's house and my Aunt Maxine's but he loved it so much we ended up taking him to about 10 or 12 houses. He wasn't the least bit shy and it was fun. After we were done we went to my grandma's house to watch the PBR. Dalley loves bull riding. He would run around with one hand in the air acting like he was riding and then he would "fall off" and throw himself on the floor. It was so dang funny watching him.

The next Monday I left Dalley with my parents and went to a convention in St. George. I really missed Dalley while he was having fun with grandma and grandpa. Then on Friday my mom brought him to me and we went to Circleville and spent the night then got up the next morning and went to Moab to visit Dustin. We were so excited to see him. He bought Dalley a rocking horse at the store there and Dalley loved it. Dalley now has a rocking horse, a rocking bull, a bouncy cow, a bouncy horse and a really big John Deere Dump truck that he rides like a bike. He is really set up as far as riding things

Dustin was able to come home this weekend to do some stuff around the house. He watched Dalley and I went to the craft fair with Anne. I found some final decorations for my kitchen. I also found the perfect barn wood shelf to go over my stove. Dustin taped off my walls and I finally painted the red wall. It looks a lot different, but I really like it. When I get all my decorations hung up I will post pictures of my kitchen make-over.

Dalley's wild hair cut

Trick or treating with grandma

My dad drove us around all night. It was fun going with him and my mom

I got a lot of pictures of thier backs

Dalley's new rocking horse
Dalley's new hat on his new horse
Dustin gettting Dalley ready for the day

Dalley and Daddy