Saturday, April 30, 2011

Two Easter Weekends

Dalley and I were able to celebrate Easter two weekends in a row. The actual Easter Weekend was right after Grandpa Dahl's funeral. Dustin was on the desert chasing cows so it was just Dalley and I. We went to Cedar on Saturday and had lunch with my parents. When we got home I hadn't prepared to color eggs but I decided I wanted to do something with Dalley even though it was just the two of us. So we colored eggs with food coloring. Sunday morning we went to church after I gave Dalley his basket. After church we went to Dustin's mom's house and played cards for awhile. It was a nice day but we missed having Dustin there.

Dustin finally came home the next Friday. On Saturday Haley had a little Easter party at her house in Panguitch. It was a lot of fun. We had a bar b que and the kids colored eggs and got Easter gifts. Dustin surprised me by playing Rock Band on the Wii. He usually hates any kind of video game, so I am not sure how they convinced him to play. It was fun watching him though. They gave Dalley a little guitar and he really got into it. He was a pretty cute little guitarist.

All of the kids got hula hoops for Easter. Dalley even got a cute miniature one. Everyone had to show off their hula hooping skills. I was again surprised by Dustin's hula hooping skills. He was really good at it, but Jax was the best. He could go forever and one time he even had three going at once. All in all it was a pretty fun day.

Now Dustin is back on the desert and I will be glad when all of those darn cows are home. I am not a big fan of him being gone this close to my due date! Especially since there is no way to contact him when he is there unless he drives into Hanksville for some reason.

Here are a few pictures of our two Easter weekends.

Belle and Jax coloring eggs

Belle and Grandma Cooper

Dalley coloring Eggs

Dalley with his Easter Basket in his new church clothes

Dalley and the eggs we colored

Dalley's Eggs

Monday, April 11, 2011

A whole bunch of pictures

A couple of weeks ago we had a lot to celebrate. My baby brother Ryan got home from his mission so my whole family, except Rowdy's part, got together for a reunion. Shawn and Stina were able to come from Washington and I finally got to meet their precious baby, Arvella. She is so tiny and so very sweet. I had forgotten how small babies were. It made me wonder if I was ready to have a baby again. I guess now that I am 8months pregnant there really isn't any going back. We spent the first day of the reunion hanging out around the ranch and having fun together. The next day we spent doing family history stuff and going on a historical tour of Hiko. My brother Luke is quite the historian. It amazes me the stuff that he knows about our family history and about the history of Hiko. He has really done his homework and it was a lot of fun learning from him. He even put together a trivia game made up of our family history. The third day was my day to plan. I had planned to go to the cabin but of course the weather didn't cooperate. We ended up doing my activities on the ranch and they were still fun. I had a scavenger hunt which turned out to be pretty fun. Then we had skeet shooting. We went through two boxes of skeet and a whole bunch of shells. It was really fun. I got three cameras worth of pictures so here are a few to show how the weekend went.
Ira and Dalley painting Dalley and Dustin
My mom and Dad with Ryan when they picked him up from the airport
We are turning Stina into quite the country girl, she is a really good shot
Kate with Arvella, Kate was the best little babysitter. She just loved holding Arvella
The boys feeding

We put some of Dalley's wranglers on Ira and he was the cutest little thing in them. He has quite the little strut
Lukie with the grand prize from the scavenger hunt, he was proud to be the winner
Kids waiting for Uncle Buck to show up at the airport

Stina and Arvella

Hey girls, he's single
Dalley on Homer Horse
These two are such good friends, I love that they are buddies

Luke's family at the old Hiko School house

View from Hiko cemetery

My handsome Dad

My handsome boy
Holding the squirrel Uncle Ryan shot

Ira loved wearing every one's hat, He got his dad in on the action