Wednesday, November 5, 2008


So I am behind on posting about my weekend a couple weeks ago. It was one of those weekends that happened spontaneously, but turned out wonderful. On Friday I called Shawn and asked him to meet me in Cedar cause I had baby stuff for them. They were coming over for a play anyway so it worked good. I told my mom they were coming and she told Luke and Kayce who decided to come and then my dad decided they should come. So we all met in Cedar Saturday morning. We started the day by going to the Western Heritage Festival. Celeste had a booth there as part of her temporary job so we stopped by to support her. Next we took the kids to Discovery Park so they could play while the adults talked. It was an awesome day and it was fun to have almost the whole family there. Ryan couldn't come because he was a hunting guide that weekend.
The next day on Sunday Dustin let me sleep in and when I got up he had breakfast cooked and had invited his sister's family over for breakfast. Then we went to Stake Conference. After conference we went for a drive up Beaver Mountain. It was gorgeous up there and we found a cool rock to take pictures on. After the mountain we went to Jill's house and she and I made homemade chicken noodle soup for supper. Then we all carved our pumpkins. It was a blast. I was surprised that even Dustin got into it

Oh, also to answer Brooke's question Dalley's birthday is February 28th. Isn't he just two weeks younger than your baby?

Dalley and Aunt Celeste at the Western Heritage Festival

Cody, Shawn, Kate, Dustin, and Lukie at the Park
My favorite cowboys
Dalley Loved the swings
Dustin cooking our breakfast
Jill and her cute kids
All of the kids and Sarah
Dustin, Dalley, and Sarah
My Pumpkin, you have to see it close up to know what it is

All of the pumpkins mine, Dustin's, Dalley's, Jill's, and Mike's