Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Dalley's Third Birthday

Dalley turned three on Monday, February 28th. Since more people would be around on Sunday, we celebrated a day early. We went to church then after church we headed to Grandpa Dahl's house for dinner, presents, and cake. He kept telling everyone that he was turning four and he would hold up two fingers, I think he was a bit confused.

Dyann made a roast and potatoes for dinner. Jill, Mike and their kids came. Haley and Jax came up from Panguitch. After dinner we let him open his presents and boy was he spoiled. Dustin and I got him a basketball hoop, a book, a toy puppy on a leash, and a Leapfrog learning laptop toy. Grandma Dyann and Grandpa Dahl got him a shopping cart. It is really cute. It is just like the ones in the stores just miniature. I have never seen one like it before. His aunts and cousins got him a bug flashlight, a snake magnifying glass, and a 5 foot caterpillar tube that you crawl through. My friend Claudia gave him a Dodge pick-up that drives by itself. Nana and Papa Hatch gave him money. He was one spoiled and happy boy.

After presents we had the cake that I made. It was my first time decorating one all by myself. Well Dustin helped me but he just did what I told him to do. When I made the cake I forgot to put the water in so I was afraid it wouldn't be any good. So I made cupcakes too. Dustin and Haley decorated them and they were pretty cute. Dustin put brands on them and Haley drew boots and hats. The cake ended up being really good so we ended up with a lot of left over cupcakes. I let Dalley take them to the babysitter the next day.

I am so thankful for this sweet boy, I definitely do not know what I would do without him.

My big three year old

His caterpillar tube
The shopping cart, he likes to make car noises as he drives it around

skinny little basketball star

He was happy to get the book

Showing me his puppy, this kid is obsessed with puppies.

Cute cupcakes Haley and Dustin decorated

The horseshoe cake I made, Dalley requested that his cake be blue and white on the inside. Later he asked for a pink cake, but I ignored that request and just went with the blue one.

Dustin and Dalley with the cousins. I couldn't get them all to look at me at once

Just a picture of my, always naked,cute boy

Just a picture of Dalley lounging in my bed watching Diego. He looked so tiny in that big old bed.