Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Other Stuff

So I realize this is a post and picture overload. After all of these posts I have done today I don't think I will be posting again for awhile. Anyhow here is some of the other things that we have been up to. Dalley and I have spent a lot of time helping Dustin shoe horse and chase cows. It is fun doing these things together as a family. Dalley loves these kinds of things and is going to be exactly like his dad when he grows up. This is Dustin's newest toy. It is a riding lawn mower that doesn't mow. He loves fixing things, so this is the fifth broke down lawn mower he has brought home this summer. He was able to get it running but he needs a few more parts to get it actually mowing.

Dustin and Dalley making the bed in the trailer one of the nights we spent on the mountain

Playing cards before bed. We went camping a lot this summer and I can't wait for some fall camping. I like camping even better when it is chilly.

Dustin is into bear hunting lately, he has been getting up early on some Saturdays to go chase bears. This is one of the bears he chased with his dogs

Another picture of the bear
Riding Half-Pint

View out my front window
My little cheeser
Riding down the road
I took this picture the other night right after it rained. It is my new favorite picture. I love the contrast of the colors and image of the horse and the dogs. I love these boys

New Dogs

My husband is absolutely obsessed with dogs. As much as I fight it, he has to have a minimum of four dogs and sometimes a lot more. He is pretty good at training them. He has some that he has trained as cow dogs, some that are cougar dogs, and our newest dog is going to be a bear hunting dog. These are our two newest dogs. We got Clyde who is a six month old short haired border collie. The new bear dog is Lucy, she is a pure bred American Red Pit bull. Clyde is Dalley's puppy. Last night him and Dustin spent an hour in the yard trying to teach him to come to his name. Dalley and Clyde
Dalley trying to teach Clyde to come to his name

Lucy, I think she is a really pretty dog

Another picture of Lucy, she is a year old and already pretty huge

Dustin has been teaching Dalley to train dogs. He tied a rope to Clyde's collar and was having Dalley teach him to come. I took a video of it. It was pretty cute.

Roger Hatch Family Reunion

The second week in August we had my dad's family's reunion. It was pretty cool cause we had it in Circleville. We had a lot of people show up and it was a really good time. I saw people that I hadn't seen in awhile. It is always fun getting together as a family and seeing the people you love. Uncle Scott, my dad's little brother

My Dad, love him!

Little Kylie

Dar and Tasha with baby Brayden, he is a very sweet baby

My cousin Amy's husband JJ and Her little girl Aspen. Maddey is in the background

Cute cousins playing

Tyler and Zack

Uncle Denny serving food, another one of my Dad's younger brothers

My beautiful nieces

The cook, Allen

Other cooks

My family minus a few with grandma and grandpa

My dad and three of his siblings with their parents

The whole crew

Piute County Butch Cassidy Days

As always the Piute County Fair was a blast this
year. They plan so much that the week is packed with fun things to do. Monday there was a water day at the park for the kids. They set up water slides, pools and slip-n-slides for the kids. they even had water balloon fights. Dalley loves swimming so he had a great time. On Tuesday night there was a hoedown with live entertainment. We were going to go but found out my grandpa had been rushed to the hospital that day so we got ready to head to St. George and then we didn't end up going but we missed the hoe down. Wednesday night was the family feud and movie in the park. It was quite entertaining to watch the stunts they had the families do. Thursday was the little Buckaroo. Friday and Saturday nights was the rodeo. Dustin competed in three events. He did the hide race, the musical chairs, and the bucking ranch horse ride. Saturday there was a parade, midway at the park and a dance after the rodeo. It was a fun but exhausting week.

Dustin getting ready to pull the hide. This is Josh's horse, he works with Dustin.I think this horse is beautiful and she is a fast little bugger too.

Dalley's friends Sage and Seldon in the parade

Hannah and Clint in the parade

The Piute County royalty in the parade This is Dalley's babysitter's float, they made ice cream cones out of brown paper and spray painted tumbleweeds, it was pretty cute and they won a prize

Dustin, Dalley, and Josh watching the parade and eating otter pops. I think Dustin and Josh each ate about eight Otter Pops!

Dustin in the musical chair race

Getting ready for the next round of the musical chair race, he got out in the third round.

Riding his bucking horse

My Little Buckaroo

This year during fair week Dalley participated in the Little Buckaroo Rodeo. He was so excited to ride the sheep all day he told everyone that he was going to ride a sheep. When it finally came to riding the sheep, he screamed the entire time. He missed his nap that day so he ended up being miserable the whole time. He had a little bit of fun in between his fits of tears. I may be biased but I think he was the cutest little buckaroo out there.
Dummy roping

When it was his turn to do the stick horse barrel race he was too scared to do it so Dustin rode the horse and carried him, it was pretty cute.

Right after his sheep ride, still a little pissed about his hat falling off

Riding the sheep

This is after the chicken chase, he wanted the chicken but he was nervous with all the other little kids around

Chicken Chase
Start of the chicken chase

We let him have his very own soda from the concession stand. He thought he was so big getting his own, but of course he only drank about 1/4 of it.

More of the barrel race

More dummy roping

Playing with his cute little friend Sage

Proudly displaying his number