Sunday, July 18, 2010

Camping and More Lake

When I was growing up we didn't do a lot of recreating. When you have cows and crops to take care of there isn't much free time set aside for having fun. We spent a lot of time together and it was fun but we had fun while we were working. When Dustin and I were dating one time we road horses all the way from Circleville to the top of Beaver Mountain. It took us 7 hours. It was the first time I had spent time on a horse for anything but work and it was the first time I realized sometimes people just do these kinds of things for fun. I remember telling my grandpa about it and he couldn't understand why would waste that much time doing something like that. The funny thing is that I married a man just like my dad and grandpa. He is always working on the ranch and his idea of a weekend off is going to my dad's ranch to help there. He is supposed to take every other Saturday off but if I don't get him out of town he will go to work anyway. So I have started planning things for his weekend off so that we can spend more time with him and we have had a lot of fun.
This last weekend was a weekend off so I told him we were finally going camping. He told me he didn't have time to get the trailer ready, but I was so determined to go. I got off of work early and pulled the trailer out and had it cleaned by the time he got home. When he showed up I had everything ready so that all we had to do was load the Rhino on the dually and head out. We pulled the trailer to a spot on top of the Beaver Mountain where a bunch of Dustin's cousins were camping. It is such a beautiful spot. The Beaver Mountain is gorgeous this time of year. We had a great time. We got up Saturday morning and went for a Rhino ride with Spode and Jayda. We ran into a bunch of guys who were chasing bears and we spent the morning following their dogs to trees where they had caught bears. One of the guys gave Dalley the sweetest little seven month old hound named Molly. She is really pretty but I am afraid she is going to get exiled to the other side of the river like Dustin's other hounds, because she loves to bark.
After we were done chasing bears we loaded up so that Dustin could shoe a couple of horses before it got dark. Then the next day after church we went to the Piute with Dustin's family and had a great time. it was a fun weekend and I am glad I could convince Dustin to take a couple days off!

Deer on Beaver Mountain, it is so pretty right now

So Handsome
Spode and Jayda
Once they told Dalley he could have Molly, he grabbed a piece of twine and he was going to tie her in cause she was his. He has already taken quite a shine to her.
This is sweet little Molly

Spode and Jayda ahead of us on the trail

View out our front window

Jayda really likes Dustin, Dalley, however is not a big fan of someone else taking up his daddy's time
Dalley driving the Rhino

Hopefully this is where we will be spending a little more time before it gets too cold
Dustin trying to get up on the knee board

The boys out on the boat
When we got to Piute, Dalley's friends Cache and Carter were there with their Uncle Allen

My little poser
Dustin was really good at the knee board, by the time we left he was doing tricks

Michael Mouse just floated around in his life vest. We lost him at one point but luckily we found him
It said "Dalley" till he tried to help
Daisy in her life vest, she loves swimming

Sunday, July 11, 2010

Fishing With Grandpa Dahl

Grandpa Dahl got a new boat so when they called to say they were going fishing at Piute Reservoir, Dustin and I invited ourselves along. It was a great time! No one caught any fish but it was still quite fun. Dustin and I didn't really care if we caught a fish, we were just along for the boat ride. We cast out a couple of times but didn't pay much attention. Dalley loved being on the water. It got really hot when all of the clouds cleared so Dustin, Jill and the kids decided to jump in. Dalley is quite the little water lover. It was my first time on a boat besides when I have been on cruises and it is something I think i would like to do more of, but I think next time we will try out the skis and the wake board! Daisy Duke enjoying the ride
Michael getting blown away
Michael doing a cannonball
Dustin's graceful dive
He is quite the diver

The water was so cold that when Michael first got in he could barely breathe

Jill enjoying the day

This kid really needs a hair cut

Dustin would dunk Dalley's head in the water and as soon as he would bring him back in the boat he would beg for more.

Tired munchkin

Cute little Duke
Aunt Jillers giving the stink eye
Dalley with grandpa Dahl
Daddy's Little Hunting Buddy
Dalley's first boating picture

Saturday, July 10, 2010

July 4th and more

A couple weeks ago we had the pleasure of having my mom stay with us while she was recovering from surgery. It was fun having her with us and taking care of her for a change. Dalley was so excited to have his Nana around and had to make sure she was paying attention to him most of the time.
At the end of her stay Shawn and Stina came down from Washington and took her out to Nevada with them. Dalley and I followed after attending the retirement party for my secretary, Christa. Christa was the most amazing secretary ever. She was old school and didn't mind taking care of everything that we needed. She even knew shorthand. I could call her in to dictate a letter to her and she would have the whole thing down as fast as I could say it. She is a little German spitfire. She immigrated from Germany when she was 13. She has some pretty neat stories to tell about living in Nazi Germany. I am going to miss her so much and I hope her replacement is at least half as great as she is.
After the party Dalley and I did some shopping with Anne. It is fun to have a friend I can do those things with. Anne is the best!
We finally made it to the ranch along with Luke and Kayce's family and had a lot of fun hanging out, visiting, and helping my dad around the ranch.
One of the days we had to haul cows to the range so we decided to take everyone and spend the day at the cabin. It was nice to relax and let the kids filthy. Dalley loved playing in the creek.
We celebrated the fourth by going to the parade and then sorting more cows. It was a HOT and DRY day. By the time we were done I was so dirty Stina said I looked really tan but if I took a shower it would all wash off.
We had a lot of fun and I am glad that we were able to spend time with Shawn and Luke's families.

Dalley and L.E. playing with the Lego tub. They are so cute together
This kid is in serious need of a haircut

Aunt Celeste helping the kids get candy, she even tried to sneak Ira a sucker

Aunt Stina at the parade

The munchkin buddies

At the cabin we have an old box springs with a rug on it that the kids use for a trampoline. They love it. That and the tire swing was the highlight for the little ones

Jumping on the "trampoline" I can't get Dalley to keep all of his clothes on

Getting ready for a 4-wheeler ride with Papa
The munchkin buddies sure love Papa

Cutest Ira I have ever seen, he is the third munchkin buddy

Dalley trying to get L.E. to swim with him
Kate was good to push Dalley and then Dalley would sometimes try to push her
Shooting clay pigeons, I had a nice bruise on my shoulder the next day

Munchkin Butt
I think this is one of my favorite pictures of Dalley, oh and those aren't freckles

Eating Caramel apples at the cabin
Ira with his morning sippy

Dalley and Ira were playing peek a boo through the drapes