Friday, February 27, 2009

Random Cute Pictures

Dalley and Michael feeding the Dairy Cows

Riding the tractor with Daddy

This is what happens when dad gets Dalley ready for the day

Two of Dalley's favorite things to play with 1) Dad's Hat 2) Cousin Michael (look at that skinny baby)
Dalley with his new Catahoula puppy, Gus

Kind of a funny story, the day after we got Dalley out of the hospital he decided to start caring about fashion and since he was sick I gave in to him. He refused to wear clothes, the only thing he would let me put on him was his puppy bathrobe and he had to have the hood on. He crawled around in that thing all day and would throw a fit when I tried to take it off. It was so dang cute.

I am starting to realize that he is naked a lot

These are his grandpa pajama pants. I think they are so cute.

Stair Sliding

As I have said the house that we are living in was Dustin's grandma's. It has a basement and carpeted stairs that go down to it. Dustin's fondest memories of his grandma's house was when he and his cousins would slide down the stairs. He has decided to resurrect that tradition and is now constantly inviting his nieces and nephews over to slide down. He has even set up a mattress at the bottom and made special sleds by putting cardboard in slick sleeping bags. A couple of weeks ago he convinced his nephew to go down on a table top ironing board. When he hit the bottom the legs from the ironing board embedded in his knees. I have put a stop to using ironing boards. Sometimes I think I am the only adult living in my house.

This is Michael trying to go face first

Michael in a cardboard box

Even four-year old Daisy got in on the fun


Dustin even took Dalley down with him

Preparing for the plunge

Monday, February 9, 2009

Dalley's Visit to Garfield Memorial

So last Sunday when we were out in Hiko, Dalley started to get a little bit sick. Monday he started puking and by Wednesday evening he had quit eating altogether. I called Dustin and we took him to Panguitch to the emergency room. After doing numerous painful test on the poor little bugger, they determined that he had RSV and they immediately admitted us to the hospital. I was not prepared for that so neither Dustin nor I had any clothes or anything. Luckily Dustin's sister came up the next day with a few supplies. Anyhow after they admitted him they put him on an IV with some nourishment and antibiotics. When they put the IV in they blocked his arm so that he couldn't move it. They wrapped the block so tight that it cut off the IV and made it go bad. Because he is a baby and couldn't tell us what was going on the fluid from the IV caused his whole right side to swell. It was 16 hours before we took his gown off and noticed that his chest was huge on one side and not the other. I immediately called the nurse and she acted like it was no big deal. She took her time dealing with it so Dustin took out his pocket knife and cut the bandages off. The tape had cut into his skin and had cuts all the way around where it was. I felt so bad for the poor little bugger. He could barely move his arm and it took another day and a half before his arm and chest were back to normal size. He also has scab on his cheeks from where they put the stickers for the oxygen. When they took them off they took a lot of skin with them.
Anyhow they let us out on Friday and now Dalley is on quarantine. He is highly contagious and therefore not allowed to be around old people or children. I feel bad for the poor little guy. We took him back to the Dr. today and he has a double ear infection and to top it all off the antibiotics they gave him when we left the hospital had given him a terrible diaper rash. I am feeling like a really crummy mother. If you look at my baby it looks like has has been through battle with all of his wounds.