Friday, December 18, 2009

Pure Dalleyness

I wanted to document the cuteness that is my little Dalley Bug. I am terrible about writing down the cute things he does and I am afraid I am going to forget them. He is getting quite the personality. It is funny how much he reminds me of Dustin with his little attitude and his expressions.
Dalley loves to help me, his favorite thing to do is to sit on the door to the dryer and push the wet clothes in. Sometimes he even steals clothes from the clean pile to push in there so I have to watch him closely. He also likes to put things away. He just doesn't always put them where they go. Last night I asked him to put his boots in his bedroom and I found them in the tub. Another time I gave him a cup to put in the sink and I found it in the hamper. I guess I should just be thankful that he is at least willing to help.
He always wakes up in the best mood. Quite often around four in the morning he climbs in bed with me. Last Saturday I woke up to him patting my face and saying mama. I opened my eyes and he was about an inch from my face with a huge smile. I love his sleepy smiles.
He is a big tease, which has actually won him a few spankings. He loves to run away from me when I try to change his diaper and he giggles the whole time. It is hard to get mad at giggles. The other day I put his toboggan on him and turned around. I heard him say "mama, mama" I turned back around he had the hat pulled over his eyes so that he couldn't see and he was smiling so big, I could tell he was really proud of himself.
He loves horses and cows. RFDTV is a life saver. It is a channel for rural living and they always have horse training shows and other shows like that. His favorite is to watch the Craig Cameron horse training show and the Superior livestock auctions. I was at a friends house the other day getting some sewing done and he was getting bored. She told me I could put on some cartoons for him, I turned on RFD and there was a dressage competition. We didn't hear a peep from him the rest of the morning. Also we went to eat at Applebees with my parents a couple weeks ago. My dad had the waiter turn the channel on the TV by our table to the NFR. Dalley watched that all through dinner. He also likes to gallop around making clicking noises with his tongue pretending he is riding a horse or a bull. He always has one arm in the air and he must be a really good rider because sometimes he puts both hands in the air. He likes to get thrown off. He will pretend to get bucked off a roll around on the floor. Then he always gets back on. He is definitely Dustin's child.
He doesn't say a lot yet, but I love to hear his little voice. It is the cutest thing. It is so sweet to hear that little voice call me mama. He gives the best hugs and he isn't very stingy with them. If you ask for a hug he will run at you with his arms out and give you a big squeeze. My favorite thing is when he is on my lap he will put both hands on my cheeks and turn my face to him and give me a big kiss. It is a heart melter.
He has had a hard time with his medical issues, but to meet him you would never know it. He is such a trooper, he takes his meds every day like a champ and unless he is really tired he doesn't let on too much if he isn't feeling good.
I still can't believe that I the one heavenly father trusted to raise this little guy.

Thursday, December 10, 2009

This little piggy went to market...

Just a quick post with a picture that I thought was too funny. We were sitting around one night and Dalley was playing with the tape so I taped his nose up. He makes quite a handsome little pig. Then there is another picture of my really cute nephew Ira.

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Thanksgiving Fun

This year for Thanksgiving Dalley and I headed out to Nevada. We headed out the Saturday before Thanksgiving. We stopped in Cedar and picked up Stina then headed out. We stayed until the following Saturday. On our way home we got stuck in a snow storm and ended up spending the night in Cedar then got home the next morning just in time for church. Then that night Dustin got to come home. We were so happy to see him. We missed spending Thanksgiving with him.
Dustin spent the week in apprentice school in St. George then he had three days off. That is the most time he has had to spend with us for months so we were really excited. we went to Cedar Friday night and met my parents. My mom and I went to a movie while the boys stayed at the hotel. The next morning we got up and went to St. George to see Dustin's dad in the hospital. He has been having trouble with his circulation in his leg.
We got back to Circleville around 3:00 and immediately got in Dustin's truck to go tree hunting. Dustin and Dalley drove up the road and I hiked around in the hills. After about an hour of searching I found the most perfect Christmas Tree ever. It was a beautiful Blue Spruce. Perfectly symmetrical on all sides. I called to Dustin and he brought the saw up. On the way home Dustin was worrying about the white smoke his truck was blowing so he rallied a little bit and lost the tree. We had to turn around a go get it. Then a mile later he was talking on the phone and not paying attention and lost it again. Needless to say it is not as symmetrical as it had once been. His friend Kasey came and helped him put it up and once we had it decorated it was just perfect, even with the few broken branches.
Dalley and grandpa at the ranch, Dalley followed grandpa around the whole week. he would not let him leave the house with out him
I love this picture Stina took of Dalley checking out the cows
Dalley and Ira up at the corrals
Dalley and Ira on the hay stack, they were pretty good buds by the end of the week.
I like this picture cause Dalley's pants are sagging off of him

My handsome boy

Dalley's true love, horses

Stina took this picture of Dalley, he loved this tractor

Teasing mom with mac and cheese fingers

Dalley loves grandma

Two cute boys at bedtime
Dalley and Great Grandpa

Dalley and Great Grandma
I put a hair thingy in Dalley's hair. I thought it was too cute

My little hard worker ready to go do chores with grandpa

Stina and I painted my mom's kitchen so my dad took the boys to empty trash, Ira wasn't too happy about leaving mom behind.
Stina painting mom's kitchen

Ira smiles more than any baby I have ever seen. He is such a cheeser too.

Dalley being a cheeser
Dalley talking on the phone to dad, he thinks he is so big.

Wearing grandpa's wild rag

My Dad's deer

Dalley and grandpa and dead deer

The delicious coconut creme cupcakes Stina made. They were so yummy.

I just love Dalley's hair
The Wednesday before Thanksgiving I helped my dad load the tractor on the flatbed and then we hauled it out to the range. While we were loading it Dalley sat on this little blue tractor and played. He was content the whole time just to pretend to drive the tractor.

When we got to the range, we burned some brush piles that had been dozed last winter

We roasted a hot dog for lunch

Dirty Hot Dog Face

Dalley giving his buddy a hug

Shawn and Dad with all of the grand kids

The day after Thanksgiving we went back out to the range to do some more burning and some tractor work. We went to the cabin for lunch. The boys love this tire swing. It was all Lukie could talk about on the way out to the range.
Lukie and Dalley

The front of our old cabin

The Inside
This is one of my most favorite places in the world. I never feel as peaceful as I do out at the cabin.
The sunset we saw on our way home

Cheesy Ira, about to eat birthday cake

Dalley with his antlers

Monday, November 16, 2009

Halloween and other stuff

So I was thinking that I should probably post Halloween before Thanksgiving comes. Dalley and I went out to Nevada for Halloween this year. I found Dalley a really cute horse costume and he loved it. We had only planned on taking him to my Grandma's house and my Aunt Maxine's but he loved it so much we ended up taking him to about 10 or 12 houses. He wasn't the least bit shy and it was fun. After we were done we went to my grandma's house to watch the PBR. Dalley loves bull riding. He would run around with one hand in the air acting like he was riding and then he would "fall off" and throw himself on the floor. It was so dang funny watching him.

The next Monday I left Dalley with my parents and went to a convention in St. George. I really missed Dalley while he was having fun with grandma and grandpa. Then on Friday my mom brought him to me and we went to Circleville and spent the night then got up the next morning and went to Moab to visit Dustin. We were so excited to see him. He bought Dalley a rocking horse at the store there and Dalley loved it. Dalley now has a rocking horse, a rocking bull, a bouncy cow, a bouncy horse and a really big John Deere Dump truck that he rides like a bike. He is really set up as far as riding things

Dustin was able to come home this weekend to do some stuff around the house. He watched Dalley and I went to the craft fair with Anne. I found some final decorations for my kitchen. I also found the perfect barn wood shelf to go over my stove. Dustin taped off my walls and I finally painted the red wall. It looks a lot different, but I really like it. When I get all my decorations hung up I will post pictures of my kitchen make-over.

Dalley's wild hair cut

Trick or treating with grandma

My dad drove us around all night. It was fun going with him and my mom

I got a lot of pictures of thier backs

Dalley's new rocking horse
Dalley's new hat on his new horse
Dustin gettting Dalley ready for the day

Dalley and Daddy

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Dustin is Employed

So a couple of weeks ago Dustin started a job with Wadsworth Construction building bridges. We were very happy for him to find a job, but we were not so happy that he had to move to Moab to do the job. He has been gone two weeks now only coming home for a little over 24 hours on the weekends. It has been quite an adjustment for our little family. I really appreciate him doing it though, cause I know as hard as it is on Dalley and me it is even harder on him. We don't have to leave home and have our whole lives disrupted. Not only that but he is working insane hours, the first week he put in around 80 hours, and yesterday he worked from 7:00 in the morning until 3:00 the following morning then went back in to work at 7:00 this morning. i am not sure how he does it. I am very proud of him and I am thankful that I married a good man who will do what it takes to take care of his family. He has been offered an interview at the Aspen Ranch in Loa, to help with their horse program. We are hoping he can get it since it is considerably closer to home.
Dalley has been such a trooper. He loves his daddy and clings to him from the moment he gets home until the moment he leaves. He loves talking to him on the phone every night and he always blows him kisses, it is the cutest thing. On Saturday we went to help Anne clean the house that she just moved out of. Dalley was so good during the cleaning process. He ran around the house and entertained himself with a plastic mixing spoon and my shoes. He was a little grouchy when we were done and at lunch, but I guess that was my fault for not giving him a nap all day. All in all he is a pretty good kid. We are going out to Hiko for Halloween/Nevada Day and I can't wait to put him in the little horse costume that I bought him like three months.

Last month when we went to the cardiologist she told us that Dalley needed the H1N1 Vaccine, the regular flu shot, and the RSV Vaccine. I called our Piute health clinic and they had never heard of the RSV shot so I called our pediatrician. They said they could give Dalley those shots, but we had to have pre-approval from the insurance for the RSV one. I took Dalley to Cedar to get the other two shots. When I got to the pediatrician's office I thought there is no point in coming back for the RSV shot I will just pay for it and get reimbursed by the insurance. It costs $700!! I could not believe it. I told the nurse never mind. I never could have imagined one teeny little shot costing soooo much. I guess that is why I have never heard of this before, it must not be very common to get one. I am so nervous about Dalley getting some form of the gomboo this winter and spending more time in the hospital. I finally decided that it doesn't do a lot of good to worry, all I can do is take all the precautions and pray for the best.

Thursday, October 8, 2009

Snow? Already?

So yesterday Celeste came over from Beaver and we went out to a place in the middle of nowhere in Kane County to work. The federal dirt roads in Kane County aren't maintained because of a dispute between the county and the BLM. Anyhow I was pulling a large enclosed trailer with a huge 6 seater side by side. The roads were so bad we decided to unload the side by side and just drive that to our different destinations. It was a good idea until it decided to snow. We were both dressed for Fall weather not full blown winter weather. We about froze to death. I couldn't believe that it was already snowing. I guess winter is here. There go my hopes for an Indian Summer.

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Picture Overload

I haven't posted any pictures in a long time so I have a lot to post now. These are just a few random pictures from the last month or so. Also just a note; we took Dalley to the cardiologist and she said that he is looking really good. She doesn't need to see him for another year, unless he has other problems.

Dalley at Grandma and Grandpa Hatch's. He and I went out there for a week and we had a great time. Dalley is his grandpa's little buddy. Every night he would go do chores with grandpa. He was always afraid grandpa was going to leave him when I made him go put his boots on. he didn't like leaving grandma's house very much but he was sure happy to see daddy when he got home. I had a great time having one on one time with him. He is getting so big

Dalley always has to be wearing boots. Even if he isn't wearing clothes. If he doesn't have boots on he will go find them and bring them to me to put o him.

Grandma reading to Dalley. Dalley doesn't have a very long attention span, but he loves getting read to for a minute or two.

This is the tarantula that my dad brought home when we were in Nevada. It gave me the heebie jeebies.

Dalley and Dustin swinging at the park in Circleville.

Dustin slicked Dalley's hair back and when he put these glasses on he was a cool dude.

I was trying to take a picture of the Beaver Mountain on the west side of Circleville. It was really pretty with all of the changing leaves but my camera doesn't have a very good zoom. Now it has frozen so much the leaves are mostly gone. Circleville is surrounded by beautiful mountains.

Dalley playing with his favorite toy, baling twine.

Dustin is breaking this horse for a local guy here. Dalley and I went with him when he saddled him the first time. After he got the saddle on he of course went to bucking. Dalley didn't like that one bit and after that he didn't want his dad going anywhere near that horse. Every time Dustin would get in the pen with the horse Dalley would yell uh-uh to his dad.

I love this picture because Dalley looks so happy, but he also looks kind of old.

This is Dalley all duded up for church, I thought he looked so handsome.

This is his first shiner, he lost a fight with the kitchen chair.

Belle, Michael, and Dalley, I thought that this was a cool set up with the swing by the old fence and the corn field in the background
Daisy, Belle, Dalley, and Michael, I finally got Dalley to look at the camera and Michael had his eyes closed. This picture was taken when the kids came over to keep Dalley and me company one day. We had a fund day with them. Dalley loves his cousins.

Dalley loves his boots and he loves dad's hat.Another Sunday outfit that I thought was too cute. Don't you just love my pink bathroom?
Dalley got stuck in the toy basket

Dalley loves to play with my clothes and put them on. I think he will be really embarrassed around age 15.
I love how his hair flips out, I think I will cry the day we finally cut it. He has really pretty hair. The boys are always luckier than the girls in my family when it comes to pretty hair.

Dalley with grandma and grandpa in Cedar.

When we spent the night in Cedar, when we were leaving the next morning Dalley insisted on taking the suitcase to the car. He pulled it all the way out there. It was pretty cute.

Dalley in the Saddle shop over to Sorensen's. He loves sitting on our saddles. I have my saddle on a stand in the living room and he loves to just sit on it and pretend to ride.

This is the old saddle shop on our ranch. I took a bunch of picture around the ranch when I was home last night, because everything is so pretty this time of year.
This is a picture of the pasture, I love the mountains that border our ranch. I think they are very majestic. This is my grandpa's old shop
This is a view toward the corrals and the silo, looking south.

this is a picture my dad took out to Pine Creek by our cabin, this is the old corral, and a whole lotta rabbit brush. It is pretty right now, but I have spent a lot of time trying to get rid of the horrid stuff.

This is a picture of the old house, the cabin is behind the tree, it is in better shape than the house is and it is older by a lot of years.
Just an alfalfa field

A different view on the south side of the silo looking north.

Dalley giving his grandpa a hug goodbye, he was sure sad to leave them.