Tuesday, November 20, 2012


I have not updated for awhile so I thought I would post some pictures of what we have been up to. These are in no particular order. Also I can't figure out how to turn them, so sorry if you get a crinked neck.

 Miss Whit was a pirate princess for Halloween.

 I got Whit's costume in like June on sale so then Dalley just had to be a pirate too. We had to paint his hair black because he has never seen a yellow haired pirate. It is funny how much the black hair and facial hair changed his looks. He was in a costume parade for school and I had to miss it so my friend Claudia went to take pictures for me. She had to have  the teacher point him out cause she didn't recognize him.
Dustin bought Whit this stuffed pony a couple of weekends ago and she is attached to it. She had to take it to the trunk or treat with her.
I LOVE this face, she has the most mischievous little personality and I love it.

My pouty boy. I love this face too, even though it is pouting

My handsome boy on his first day of school

We drove up on the mountain for FHE one night and my little poser let me do a little photo shoot

Miss Whit, all ready for church in the dress Claudia gave her for her birthday

These two play so good together. Dalley is very protective of his little sister. He takes good care of her. He even naps on the floor by her crib at the babysitters house so she doesn't have to nap alone.

Dalley proud of the salsa we made this year. We did it during conference so I had a lot of help from my mom, dad and Dustin.

This picture just makes me smile. I love how he has his corral set up with a loading chute and everything. I love how observant he is.

My cute cowboy

Conference weekend Dustin hit a cow coming in from the range. He had a load of horses on the trailer and it sure did a lot of damage. We are so thankful that no one was hurt. It could have been devastating. We are so blessed. 
Dalley doing his online preschool. Last year we got an invitation to sign him up for the upstart program. He loves doing it. he does it as well as a three day a week preschool and I can't believe the things that he is learning. It is also amazing how well he can use the computer. These programs are so cool.