Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Kidney Specialist

Yesterday Dustin and I made a very tiring trip to Primary Children's for Dalley's tests and check-up with his nephrologist. He had to have blood work, a renal scan and a renal ultrasound. They found that even though his left kidney is still dilated, it has not gotten worse since the first ultrasound almost two years ago. His other labs looked good too so....... we no longer have to go up every 3-6 months. From now on we will only go once a year unless he has another irregular test. This means one less trip to Salt Lake!!! We head up next month for the pulmonologist and hopefully all of his labs will go well again!

Saturday, March 13, 2010

Nothing much

I feel like a bit of a slacker, but not much has happened lately. We are still enjoying having Dustin home. It is like he never left. Everything is back to the way it was before he got laid off. His job is going good so far. Work has been pretty crazy for me. I was able to get grants for four large acre range treatments. Two of the grants are for two large ranches on the Glendale bench in Kane County. It will be a 4,000 acre block that will be treated. The other two grants are for projects around 640 acres each.
We did get a surprise visit from my parents last weekend that was really fun. They stopped by on Sunday. They were on their way home from Britnee's baptism. Dalley loved having his grandparents here. I joked about him going home with them and I guess he took me seriously. When they left he was extremely put out that they didn't take him with them.
We have had a little issue with our septic system but thankfully Dustin was able to borrow the equipment from the dairy and pump it himself. That saved us a few hundred dollars. It wasn't a very fun job though.
On Friday night we went to Alton to pick up our new Catahoula Puppy that we bought from my friend Carrie. It was really fun visiting with her and her husband Klynt. She has a cute little pregnant belly and I am so excited for her to have her little girl in May. We had a little adventure on the way. There is a shortcut road to Alton that I always take when I work down there. For work I drive a four wheel drive truck so I can go most everywhere. Without thinking I took that road last night in my car. It is a dirt road and it is very muddy. We got going and the road was terrible.We were slipping and sliding all over the place. We almost turned around a couple of times but I kept telling Dustin that we were almost there. Then about a half a mile from town the road was no longer there. They had only plowed as far as the JD ranch. We had tot urn around and go all of the way back. It was pretty late before we got to Alton and my car, that I had washed that day, was covered in mud. The headlights were barely shining.
After we left Carries we went to Anne and Chiz's for pizza. We had a great visit and got home late, but it was worth it.
Here are a few pictures of the munchkin butt;
Posing under the high chair
An outfit he put on himself, just like his mom, the kid has no style
Sporting Grandpa Hatch's signature hairstyle

This is for grandma

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

The birthday weekend

Dalley had his second birthday this last weekend. I can't believe that it has been two years since he came crashing into our world. I still get a little emotional thinking about his rough entrance and I am so thankful that he is the healthy kid he is now. He may develop a little differently than other kids, but he doesn't let that slow him down.
We started out the birthday weekend with daddy moving home. Dalley is so excited to get to see his daddy every day now. I am starting to feel a little left out though. On Saturday we went to St. George to meet my parents. On the way down we stopped at CAL Ranch to get some tack for Dustin. While he was looking through saddle pads and stuff I tried a pair of chaps on Dalley. He instantly fell in love. They are the cutest things that i have ever seen. He didn't take them off all day. He even wanted them on with his jammies.
Sunday we went to church then over to Dustin's parents house for dinner. After dinner we opened presents. Then it was nap time. Daisy came and kept me company while Dustin and Dalley took a nap. Then we went and let Dalley ride the Bay Mare. She has a name but it isn't nice so I won't put it on the blog. He didn't want to get off even though we were all freezing. After riding we went back to Grandpa Dahl's and had birthday cake. By the end of the day we were all bushed.

My two cowboys walking into the Home Depot. Everyone we saw told us how cool Dalley looked in his chaps
Dalley chillin' in the cart at Wal-mart. He rode through the whole store lounging on a box of lemonade and munching on a chicken strip.

Pulling a face at lunch

Giving grandma thank you hugs for the visit and his birthday presents

Grandpa's turn for a hug

Kim Butterfield came over to Dustin dad's house to give Dalley a birthday present. It was some Angus toys and a chute. He gave Kim a big hug.

Dalley's first official photo as a two year old

Standing by his presents before we would let him open any

The arena and horse set that we got him

Chaps and PJ's, quite the combination

Opening all of his presents at grandpa's house, he was totally spoiled by his aunt's and cousins

Riding the Bay Mare, this was the only time all weekend that he didn't have chaps on, go figure!

The birthday cake

Dalley and his cousins
Beautiful Belle and Dustin, he was too grumpy to smile
Dalley, how old are you?