Wednesday, August 26, 2009

This is what we have been up to

So we have had a lot of fun the last couple of weeks. After the Piute County Fair was over it was then time for the Garfield County Fair. We ended up going to Panguitch and had a BBQ at Anne and Chiz's house with Chiz's sisters. It was fun Dustin even cooked the hamburgers. While we were there Dalley fell in love with Anne's niece. I tell you that kid finds women wherever he goes. He is quite the little Casanova. After the BBQ we went to the rodeo and Dalley rode his first sheep. He wasn't very happy with the crash helmet they made him wear but other than that he did pretty good. I am a little bummed though because the arena was indoors and it was so dark I didn't get a very good picture.
Last week we took Dalley to Primary Children's for tests. We met with the pulmonary specialist and he determined that Dalley probably has Immobile Cilia Syndrome. he also found that Dalley has a distended diaphragm. He said that it was really obvious on every x-ray Dalley has had and he was amazed that nobody has caught it yet. Anyway what that means is that on Dalley's left side his diaphragm is distended up onto his lung. This reduces his lung capacity and makes it harder for him to breathe. He said that as Dalley gets older we will watch him and if his breathing ends up being too limited they will have to operate to fix it. He also put Dalley on a twice daily medication that is supposed to make it easier for him to breathe. The next day we went to the kidney specialist and they said he is doing really well. His left kidney is dilated more than she would like to see but she thinks that we can wait until February to do more testing to find out why.
Then on Saturday we went to Panguitch and went to the Demolition Derby with Anne and Chiz. It was my and Dalley's first time at a derby. Dalley did ok until the first big hit then he didn't think it was so cool anymore. We then went to Dustin's grandma's house because they were having a party for her 84th birthday Dustin really enjoyed seeing a lot of his relatives he hasn't seen in awhile. After that we went with Anne and Chiz to play cards. It was a lot of fun.
Last night Anne and I went to Cedar to watch a play at the Shakespearean Festival. It was called Private Lives and it was roll on the floor funny. I laughed a lot and the actors did a really good job. It was fun to have a girls night, I haven't had one of those in years.

Here is a picture of Dalley eating a carrot right out of my garden. He picked it himself and didn't even bother washing the dirt off first. I wasn't too happy about that.

Here is Dalley playing with Desiree his newest love interest.

Dalley and Dustin watching the horses at the rodeo
This is Chiz's sister Heather. I promised her a shout out on the blog
This is my attempt at taking a picture of Anne and me, I guess it didn't work so well, but Anne looks cute.
Dalley has an obsession with putting on other peoples shoes. He decided to steal Anne's boots

Dalley in his cute new pajamas
Cutest little sleeping baby ever

This is a pretty cool picture Heidi took of Dustin roping one of Clint's bull

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Its Fair Time

I love this time of year because it is when all the fairs are going. I love these small county fairs they have around here. Especially the Piute County Fair. They do a great job and it is a lot of fun. I have loved the fair since I first started dating Dustin. This year was no disappointment.

On Monday night they had a family water day at the park. They had big water slides and pools and activities set up for all the kids. Tuesday night they had a concert at the arena, we didn't make it because Dustin worked late. Wednesday night they had a family feud game and the Westwoods had a team. It was Dustin, his brother Dean, His sister Jill, Jill's husband Mike, and their cousin Spode. I was supposed to be on the team but when i saw what they had to do I chickened out. I am not big into public humiliation, but I am glad other people are because it was a lot of fun to watch.

Thursday was the little buckaroo rodeo. We kept Dalley out of it because it was a rainy day and I figured he probably shouldn't be competing in a rodeo less than a week after getting out of the hospital. Dustin had to go though because he runs the chutes every year. He loves it, for weeks after every little kid in the county says hi to him because they remember him helping them on their sheep or their calf.

Friday night was the first night of the rodeo. Our friends Anne and Chiz came to the rodeo with us. I was glad because then I had someone to sit by when Dustin was doing his events. Also because they are really fun to hang out with. Unfortunately they couldn't come the next night because Anne got really sick.Dustin packed a flag in the Grand Entry and he also participated in the wild horse ride, he didn't cover but thankfully he didn't get hurt either. I wasn't too sure about him competing in rough stock. I like it better when he just team ropes. It seems safer even though he did roll his horse over on him the other night when he was roping.

Saturday is the most fun day. It starts out with a parade then there are all sorts of activities at the park. We hung around the park for awhile and then we drove to Panguitch for lunch. We headed home to get ready for the rodeo. Dalley went with us to the rodeo on Friday night but on Saturday he went to Panguitch to spend the night with Aunt Haley and his cousin Jax. At the Saturday night rodeo Dustin packed a flag again, then he did the hide race and he won! Then he competed in the wild horse ride again, he didn't win that but his good friend Wyatt did so that was alright. The horse he was riding twisted in the air and landed on his back. I was pretty happy Dustin came off when he did or he would have been smooshed.

After the rodeo was the dance. They have a live band and it is a really good time. We headed over with my friend Heidi and we had a really good time. We stayed until 2:00 in the morning then we went back to Heidi's to sit around and B.S. for awhile. We didn't get home until almost 4:00. It was a good time though I am glad it only comes around once a year.

Unfortunately I didn't get very many pictures. Here are a few of the ones I did get.

Dalley and his cousin Michael at the Family Feud Night, they are buddies

Dustin doing the obstacle course in the family feud

Jill doing one of the Family Feud games
My handsome husband carrying the Ford flag in the Grand Entry. I thought it was funny that they gave him that flag because he hates Fords. He is riding Dalley's colt half-Pint. Isn't he a pretty little Bay?
This is a picture of my dirty faced little cowboy at the Friday night rodeo
Dalley and Dustin picking up candy at the parade
Dalley and Dustin in the back of Will's truck.