Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Summer Happenings

Here are a few more pictures of what we have been up to this summer.They had a birthday party for Dustin's Grandma Cooper. His Uncle Jimmy set up a redneck water slide on his back deck. Dustin can't resist a water slide so of course he went down in his clothes. Everyone got pictures but me, because right as Dustin was going down the slide Dalley fell out of the swing landed on his face and broke his front tooth.
Dalley on the mini tramp at the party

Dalley with his buddy, Michael

Here's a better view of the slide. It was a little bit dangerous

This is one of my favorite pictures of my smiley baby

Dalley loves the cartoon Spirit, but he has to ride his own horse while he watches it

Whitlee in her cute sun hat

Three cute boys at grandma's house

Whitlee's half smile

Whitlee's cute Rodeo outfit, she is wearing Dalley's old belt

New Hair Bow

Two cute kids, Whitlee's hat is still a little big for her

Ready for the rodeo

One week for FHE I convinced Dustin to go swimming at the reservoir. Dalley loved it and we had a really good time.

Skipping rocks, gotta love Dustin's white legs

Dalley chasing the seagulls

Dalley in the rabbit brush on at Bear Valley

Cute boy napping at grandma's. Whenever we are at the ranch he spends all of his time outside working with grandpa and he is tired by the end of the day.

These are Dalley's babies

He is taking his babies for a horse ride

We went to another reunion for Dustin's Westwood family. Here is aunt Jill holding Whitlee

This reunion had a redneck water slide too, but this one was a little more safe.

Dalley and Jax

Once again, Dustin can't resist the water slide. He went down this one with all his clothes, his hat, and his boots

Dalley getting ready to go down the slide

We tried on Dalley's Halloween costume from when he was 18months, it still fit him except it was too short for him. He has decided that I have to find him another horse costume or he wants to be Scooby Doo.

These are Dalley's pet rabbits. We call them our lawn rabbits cause they just live on our lawn. They are really low maintenance pets

Whitlee's Blessing Day

Whitlee's blessing day was a very special day for our family. Last year, when we found out I was pregnant, Dustin set a goal to be able to bless our baby. He worked really hard and made some wonderful changes in his life and he was able to accomplish that goal. I am so proud of him. He is an awesome husband and a wonderful father.

We had a lot of family and friend's come to support us and we are thankful to everyone who traveled to be here. It really made the day awesome having so many people we love around us. Whitlee powered out in the bumbo while I was baking treats for all of the people coming to stay with us
Whitlee and Aunt Haley

Dustin and his Uncle Than

Dustin's Aunts, Marsha and Mary Anne

Uncle Roger

My BFF Anne

My handsome daddy

Kayce and L.E.

Luke's family

Rowdy with two of his kids

Whitlee and Grandma Dyann

Whitlee with my sweet grandma

My grandpa

Whitlee all dressed up for her big day. My Great Grandma Wright made this blessing dress. It is the same dress and blanket that I was blessed in.

Friday, August 5, 2011

Fun Weekend with Grandma

A couple of weeks ago my mom had to go to Hooper to a viewing and graveside for her Uncle. She called and asked if the kids and I would like to go with her. I had been wanting to take Dalley somewhere fun so I agreed to go. We headed up on Friday morning and got to Hooper in time for the viewing. After the viewing we headed to Roy to go visit Rowdy. We hadn't seen his family since March so it was fun to visit. Dalley had a good time with the girls. They played in the backyard the whole time we visited. We left Rowdy's house and went to Lehi to spend the night. We got up Saturday morning and went to the Kid's Discovery Garden at Thanksgiving Point. Dalley loved the wading area by the ark. We sat and let him play in it until there were too many kids, then we explored the garden. It was really pretty with flowers everywhere and lots of animals for Dalley to find. After we left the garden we headed to the Harvest Restaurant and had lunch then we went to the Dinosaur museum. Dalley is a big fan of dinosaurs. He calls them dinahorses. He ran from exhibit to exhibit and he was super excited. We also took him to the Physics room and he had a good time playing with all of the displays. After we were through we headed home. It was fun spending a couple of days with my mom. She is an awesome grandma and the kids love her!!On Sunday my mom headed home after church then Dustin and I headed for a drive up the mountain and we saw quite a few deer and elk. We ran into Dustin's cousins who we went camping with a lot last summer and spent a little time at their camp visiting. It was a great weekend with great memories made

Digging for bones

It was hard to get this picture because Dalley was too excited to hold still

In the "Notion of Motion" room

In the garden

He refused to look at me

Playing in the museum

Waiting in the car for grandma.The fun ark at the garden

Grandma and Dalley

My beautiful niece, Alyssa

Britnee, Tifnee and Dalley

Hugging Aunt Shauna

Dalley loves playing with Uncle Rowdy

Elk on the Beaver

Her first ride on the mountain

What a cool dude, daddy was letting him drive

Me and my munchkin looking slightly drugged