Tuesday, November 20, 2012


I have not updated for awhile so I thought I would post some pictures of what we have been up to. These are in no particular order. Also I can't figure out how to turn them, so sorry if you get a crinked neck.

 Miss Whit was a pirate princess for Halloween.

 I got Whit's costume in like June on sale so then Dalley just had to be a pirate too. We had to paint his hair black because he has never seen a yellow haired pirate. It is funny how much the black hair and facial hair changed his looks. He was in a costume parade for school and I had to miss it so my friend Claudia went to take pictures for me. She had to have  the teacher point him out cause she didn't recognize him.
Dustin bought Whit this stuffed pony a couple of weekends ago and she is attached to it. She had to take it to the trunk or treat with her.
I LOVE this face, she has the most mischievous little personality and I love it.

My pouty boy. I love this face too, even though it is pouting

My handsome boy on his first day of school

We drove up on the mountain for FHE one night and my little poser let me do a little photo shoot

Miss Whit, all ready for church in the dress Claudia gave her for her birthday

These two play so good together. Dalley is very protective of his little sister. He takes good care of her. He even naps on the floor by her crib at the babysitters house so she doesn't have to nap alone.

Dalley proud of the salsa we made this year. We did it during conference so I had a lot of help from my mom, dad and Dustin.

This picture just makes me smile. I love how he has his corral set up with a loading chute and everything. I love how observant he is.

My cute cowboy

Conference weekend Dustin hit a cow coming in from the range. He had a load of horses on the trailer and it sure did a lot of damage. We are so thankful that no one was hurt. It could have been devastating. We are so blessed. 
Dalley doing his online preschool. Last year we got an invitation to sign him up for the upstart program. He loves doing it. he does it as well as a three day a week preschool and I can't believe the things that he is learning. It is also amazing how well he can use the computer. These programs are so cool.

Sunday, September 23, 2012

60 years

 Back in August, my amazing grandparents celebrated 60 years of marriage. What an amazing accomplishment! I am so proud of them and so impressed by their example. They are a great example of love and devotion. They have one of those cute relationships where they both live for each other and would be lost without each other. I am very blessed to have had their example in my life and I am very thankful for it. My grandpa is a true cowboy and my grandma really is an angel. They are a match made in heaven.

To celebrate, their children planned a surprise weekend. All of their kids, along with some of their grand kids and great grand kids, gathered at their house on Friday night. When they got home from the doctor we were all waiting in their living room. It was really cute how excited they were to have everyone there. We hung out and had cake and ice cream. Then the next day we had a BBQ. When we were headed down the second day Dalley asked me if we were going to have to hide again. He liked hiding when we were waiting to surprise them. It was good to see a bunch of relatives and to celebrate my grandparents great accomplishment.
Dalley and Nana making cookies for the BBQ

He is a great little cookie baker

We found a pair of Ryan's old chaps for Dalley to wear

These two are always up to something

Whit loves Papa
Whit with Uncle Scott

Uncle Denny got them this nice cake

My cute grandparents

My cute little Whit

Whit and aunt Darlene
                                                       Whit and Great- Grandma Hatch

Cousin Lukie helping Whit walk

My brother Luke and his wife, Kayce

On Friday morning I took the kids out to ride Taco. He is Luke's miniature. We saddled him up and put a bridle on him. He was not used to the bridle so we were getting him used to it. I led him down into the fields with Dalley riding. When we got into the fields, Dalley decided he wanted to try riding him alone. The minute he tried to turn him, Taco went to bucking. Dalley lasted three bucks then hit the ground. He was pretty miffed until Lukie told him that watching Dalley ride was just like going to the rodeo. After that he thought he was quite the hot shot.

Saturday, September 8, 2012

My version of a PSA

So at the first of August we had a scary experience with Dalley that could have been avoided. We had gone to the dentist and found he needed to get some cavities fixed. We scheduled an appointment to get them fixed and the dentist told us that he would be sedated with Versed. I checked it against the meds that he is not allowed to have but I did not do much research on sedation's beyond that. I have several friends who have had their children sedated so I didn't think much of it.

The morning of the sedation I woke up with a bad feeling and couldn't quite shake it. I kept telling myself it was just routine dental work and it wasn't a big deal.We took Dalley in and they gave him the stuff to drink in the waiting room. It immediately started working and I did not like what it did to him. They came and took him back and we waited for about an hour. Then the dentist came out to talk to us. He was a little shook up and told us there had been issues. While they were doing the dental work Dalley quit breathing. They couldn't get him to maintain his oxygen and they had to give him an emergency shot to bring him  back around. The dentist said they were able to get the dental work done but he would not ever feel comfortable sedating Dalley again. I was a little freaked out. I know that if they had let me know he was back there struggling I could not have changed it but I felt terrible that while I was in the waiting room thumbing through magazines, my son was back there struggling.

The rest of the day was TERRIBLE. Dalley could not keep anything down. Not even water. They told us not to let him sleep for two hours so we didn't want to head home because we knew he would just fall asleep so we took him to IFA and Cal Ranch to kill some time and keep him awake. We finally had to give up on going anywhere because he was puking uncontrollably. He couldn't even hold his own head up. He did not regain full control of his body until 7:00 that night. Nine hours after he had been given the medicine that was only supposed to last for a few hours. He was really sick until the next day.

A little too late I decided to do a little research on dental office sedations. I found that most doctors don't recommend it. Dentists take a two day course on how to do them which does not seem to be enough time to be administering drugs like that. Then yesterday we took Dalley to his pulmonologist. I told him about our experience. He told me that most definitely with Dalley's lung issues, he should never be sedated outside a hospital. He went on to tell me that he doesn't really agree with any child being sedated in a dental office. The dentists do not have the emergency training and tools necessary if there is an issue. He said that in his opinion all sedations should be administered by trained anesthesiologists.

Now I am not trying to tell people what to do. My only recommendation is that if anyone is considering a dental office sedation that they do more research than I did. From now on all of Dalley's dental work will have to be performed at Primary Children's which will be a pain, but I feel terrible that I took a chance the first time and I am not willing to take that chance again.

Friday, August 24, 2012

Summer 2012 Yellowstone Trip

This summer I was supposed to go to North Carolina for work for two weeks. I don't like leaving my kids for that long when I go on these work trips, so I was looking for a way to take them with me. My mom and Dustin's sister Haley, volunteered to go with me to watch the kids while I was working. We had it all worked out for my mom to come the first week and fly home on the weekend, then Haley and her son Jax would come that weekend and stay the rest of the time. So, since it was going to work out so well,of course things had to change. Due to budget issues my trip got canceled. Haley had already taken the time off and wanted to still go on some sort of vacation so I suggested we do a week long road trip. She chose Yellowstone so that's where we went.
We left on Sunday morning and drove to Rexburg. We stayed at a nice hotel there and went to Bear World on Monday. Bear World was AWESOME. I highly recommend it. We saw a bunch of bears and everyone's favorite part was bottle feeding the cubs. We stayed Monday night in Rexburg then got up Tuesday morning and headed for Yellowstone. We drove to Yellowstone and did the Northern Loop. We stopped in Warm Springs for lunch and saw wildlife. Then we finished the loop and headed to West Yellowstone, Montana to stay the night. That is a town I would like to spend more time in. It was such a fun place. Wednesday morning we got up and did the southern drive. We stopped at Old Faithful then headed south. We went through Jackson Hole and then down through Star Valley. I have decided that if I had a million dollars I would put a down payment on a place in Star Valley. That place is breathtaking. We spent Wednesday night in Montpelier Idaho. The next morning we went to Minetonka Cave then took our time going to Salt Lake. We stayed in Sandy. Friday morning we got up and went to The Living Planet Aquarium, then headed for Circlville. We got home around 6:00. The best part was that when we got home Dustin was there waiting. We were all anxious to be out of the car and to see Dustin. Saturday was the  last day of the fair. I was glad we got to participate in the Saturday activities so I didn't have to miss all of it.
The trip was really nice. We didn't over plan anything we just stopped when ever we wanted to. It was a nice break from everything.
Here are a BUNCH of pictures, in no particular order

Dalley loved this bench. He saw it and said, "Hey, those are my cowboy buddies!"
I liked this arch

One of the bears at Bear World. We did the Curators Tour. They take you out on a truck and you get to feed all of the bears. It was worth it!
The big bad grizzly. He looks so cuddly
Dalley measuring up

In Rexburg we ate at Frontier Pies. They had the cutest decorations

Whit loves playing with straws

On one of the hikes in Yellowstone

My Camo Cutie
We bought the boys their own disposable cameras. I can't wait to get Dalley's camera developed to see the trip from Dalley's perspective

Petting zoo at Bear World

Hamming it up at one of the hot pots

Haley took Whit on the roller coaster. She thought she was pretty big stuff

Dalley loved this waterfall
Elk walking through the intersection at Warm Springs, inside the park

Feeding the cubs

This was my favorite part of the trip

Quite the show off

We drove a lot, the kids got pretty tired
By the river

Haley and I parked and walked up  to this buffalo. We were probably within twenty feet of it. My heart was pounding the whole time. There was one silly guy who walked right up to him. They tell you not to get close to the wildlife

Bear World, you can tell by Dalley's red face that it was ho that day
In West Yellowstone we ate at a place called Bullwinkle's. Dalley loved it cause they had root beer in the bottle and they had a toy train track going along the ceiling and the train ran through constantly.

Stick em up

Our hotel in West Yellowstone. It was called the Stagecoach Inn. Across the street was the Westwood Motel. I was thinking we should have stayed there.
The place we stayed at in Montpelier was a bit of a dump. The carpet was kind of rough so Whitlee did the stink bug crawl to keep her knees off the floor.

Eating fresh raspberry ice cream in Bear Lake
As we were leaving Bear Lake, I spotted this little go-cart track. We stopped and let the boys ride around. They let Dalley ride with Jax. He was so excited.
On the way into the park

Dalley's ranger buddy at Old Faithful

At the Living Planet Aquarium

Dalley was excited that he found Nemo
Of course we had to stop at Cabella's on the way home.

My little poser waiting for the fair parade