Monday, May 3, 2010

All about Dalley

No pictures, I just wanted to write down a few of my favorite things about my Dalley Bugs so I will never forget.
  • Everything is "my", my daddy, my mommy, my milk. I love it when he sees me and yells "my mommy!"
  • He is OBSESSED with tractors. He has about thirty, we can't leave CAL Ranch without at least one more every time. He has that Jason Aldean song, Big Green Tractor, memorized. He can't say all the words yet but he sings them anyway and it is really cute. I have it taped on the DVR and and we listen to it every night. He sings take you for wide on big gween twactor, we tan doe sew, we tan doe fasser. (i am not sure how to spell his language)
  • He love Chitchen (chicken) and he knows which is his favorite. He loves the chicken nuggets from schwan's, one time they were out so I got him chicken bites and cut them in small pieces like I do the nuggets and he wouldn't touch him. It has to be Schwan's nuggets.
  • He is OBSESSED with horses and cows, yesterday we went for a Sunday drive by the feedlot and some of the heifers were out in the field. He spotted them first and told his daddy he had to chase them in. Dustin was driving the truck and Dalley and I were herding on foot and he was hollering "hey cow" at the top of his lungs the whole time. Very cute! He still has zero interest in cartoons or other kid shows but he loves the superior livestock auction and horse babies. Sometimes when Dustin goes to pick up a load of calves from the auction Dalley and I will go so Dalley can watch a bit of the auction live while Daddy is loading the calves.
  • He loves shaking every one's hand in church, if I am not quick enoughwalking in I will lose him and he will head up the aisles shaking every one's hands as he goes. He is a very social kid so church is a lot of fun for him, if he didn't have to be so quiet all the time it would be perfect.
  • He likes to say Mommy repeatedly until I answer then when I say "what" He says I wuv you
  • He pulls the funniest faces. And he knows right when to do it. It is hard to get mad when he is pulling a face that is cuter than cute.
  • He is pretty smart, if he can't figure out how to do something he will do it over and over until he gets it down. He has more patience than I do. He is also creative. I was doing the dishes the other day and I would splash a little water on him, pretty soon he started splashing water back on me, at first I didn't think anything of it. Then I got to wondering where a kid that tall got water, yeah he was using his tub toy and the toilet. I should have figured that one out a lot quicker.
  • Every night when Dustin gets home from work , Dalley will ask, "Wope tow dad, wide horsies?" He wishes he could go to work with his daddy every day.