Friday, August 24, 2012

Summer 2012 Yellowstone Trip

This summer I was supposed to go to North Carolina for work for two weeks. I don't like leaving my kids for that long when I go on these work trips, so I was looking for a way to take them with me. My mom and Dustin's sister Haley, volunteered to go with me to watch the kids while I was working. We had it all worked out for my mom to come the first week and fly home on the weekend, then Haley and her son Jax would come that weekend and stay the rest of the time. So, since it was going to work out so well,of course things had to change. Due to budget issues my trip got canceled. Haley had already taken the time off and wanted to still go on some sort of vacation so I suggested we do a week long road trip. She chose Yellowstone so that's where we went.
We left on Sunday morning and drove to Rexburg. We stayed at a nice hotel there and went to Bear World on Monday. Bear World was AWESOME. I highly recommend it. We saw a bunch of bears and everyone's favorite part was bottle feeding the cubs. We stayed Monday night in Rexburg then got up Tuesday morning and headed for Yellowstone. We drove to Yellowstone and did the Northern Loop. We stopped in Warm Springs for lunch and saw wildlife. Then we finished the loop and headed to West Yellowstone, Montana to stay the night. That is a town I would like to spend more time in. It was such a fun place. Wednesday morning we got up and did the southern drive. We stopped at Old Faithful then headed south. We went through Jackson Hole and then down through Star Valley. I have decided that if I had a million dollars I would put a down payment on a place in Star Valley. That place is breathtaking. We spent Wednesday night in Montpelier Idaho. The next morning we went to Minetonka Cave then took our time going to Salt Lake. We stayed in Sandy. Friday morning we got up and went to The Living Planet Aquarium, then headed for Circlville. We got home around 6:00. The best part was that when we got home Dustin was there waiting. We were all anxious to be out of the car and to see Dustin. Saturday was the  last day of the fair. I was glad we got to participate in the Saturday activities so I didn't have to miss all of it.
The trip was really nice. We didn't over plan anything we just stopped when ever we wanted to. It was a nice break from everything.
Here are a BUNCH of pictures, in no particular order

Dalley loved this bench. He saw it and said, "Hey, those are my cowboy buddies!"
I liked this arch

One of the bears at Bear World. We did the Curators Tour. They take you out on a truck and you get to feed all of the bears. It was worth it!
The big bad grizzly. He looks so cuddly
Dalley measuring up

In Rexburg we ate at Frontier Pies. They had the cutest decorations

Whit loves playing with straws

On one of the hikes in Yellowstone

My Camo Cutie
We bought the boys their own disposable cameras. I can't wait to get Dalley's camera developed to see the trip from Dalley's perspective

Petting zoo at Bear World

Hamming it up at one of the hot pots

Haley took Whit on the roller coaster. She thought she was pretty big stuff

Dalley loved this waterfall
Elk walking through the intersection at Warm Springs, inside the park

Feeding the cubs

This was my favorite part of the trip

Quite the show off

We drove a lot, the kids got pretty tired
By the river

Haley and I parked and walked up  to this buffalo. We were probably within twenty feet of it. My heart was pounding the whole time. There was one silly guy who walked right up to him. They tell you not to get close to the wildlife

Bear World, you can tell by Dalley's red face that it was ho that day
In West Yellowstone we ate at a place called Bullwinkle's. Dalley loved it cause they had root beer in the bottle and they had a toy train track going along the ceiling and the train ran through constantly.

Stick em up

Our hotel in West Yellowstone. It was called the Stagecoach Inn. Across the street was the Westwood Motel. I was thinking we should have stayed there.
The place we stayed at in Montpelier was a bit of a dump. The carpet was kind of rough so Whitlee did the stink bug crawl to keep her knees off the floor.

Eating fresh raspberry ice cream in Bear Lake
As we were leaving Bear Lake, I spotted this little go-cart track. We stopped and let the boys ride around. They let Dalley ride with Jax. He was so excited.
On the way into the park

Dalley's ranger buddy at Old Faithful

At the Living Planet Aquarium

Dalley was excited that he found Nemo
Of course we had to stop at Cabella's on the way home.

My little poser waiting for the fair parade

Monday, August 13, 2012

Whit's Birthday and other June happenings

On June 7, my sweet Whitlee turned one. I can not believe how fast this year went by. She has been such a blessing in our family. She has been the sweetest, easiest baby. I would have a dozen kids if they were all like her. She was such a breeze. It is so funny how different she has been from Dalley. They are complete opposites in every way, right down to their looks. Dalley looks like Dustin completely and Whit looks like me. Dalley is not a mischievous child. We barely needed to baby proof with him. He never got into anything. Whit is already super curious. She is also a big tease and has been since she was old enough to know what she was doing. She has the sweetest smile and gives the sweetest open mouth kisses. She was lucky enough to get two parties. We had one in Panguitch with Dustin's family and one in Hiko with my family. She is one loved and spoiled little girl.
1 year old stats:
She weighs 17.2 pounds
She is 25" tall
She crawls and pulls herself up but doesn't walk
She blows kisses and waves by by
Shes says mama and dada
She is a very good sleeper and loves naps as long as she is in her own bed, she has slept through the night since she was two weeks old.
Her favorite foods are blueberries and raspberries. So far she likes everything I have tried to feed her except hummus and honeydew. 
She is a very friendly baby, she will wave at everyone she sees and she will let anyone hold her.

Also this past June, we signed Dalley up for t-ball. He had a lot of fun, but with two to three games a week, I was glad that it only lasted 5 weeks. My friend Heidi was his coach and she was the best. She is really good at working with little kids. Dalley also got to be on a  team with Heidi's twin boys, Cache and Carter. They are his favorite friends, so he was excited to be on their team. He was a little hot shot. He thought he was so big out there playing. Being a pretty reserved person, it is funny for me to watch my son be completely opposite. He has no issues being in front of people. He also has no issue speaking his mind. If he got hot, he would yell to everyone to hold on while he got a drink. I tried to explain to him that he couldn't leave the field in the middle of the game, but that concept made no sense to him. If he was thirsty, then why wouldn't he get a drink? I loved watching his games. His coach had a swim party at the end of the season and he loved it. Now he is convinced that he needs to sign up for wrestling.

Another weekend in June we went out to Nevada and Dustin saddled up Taco, the miniature horse. It was so funny to watch the boys herd the calves with him. He is a fun little horse to have for the kids. I wanted to get one to have in Circlveille, but Dustin told me we already had too many horses. That is something I never thought he would admit to.

Whit eating her Rainbow cake at my parent's house
Before she got all messy
At her party in Panguitch
Whit and Grandma Dyann, Grandma Dyann got her the cake.
My beautiful, messy baby
Dalley's cute t-ball team, he is the one in the grey jogging pants with the white stripe down the leg.
My handsome husband
Dustin riding Taco, his feet were dragging on the ground
Dalley, ready for his t-ball game
Dalley riding Taco
Dalley and Lukie riding Taco. These two are three years apart in age, but they are still pretty good buddies.