Saturday, September 17, 2011

First Day of Preschool

Dalley started preschool this year and he was ready. He saw his friend Trevor go last year and couldn't wait for his turn. I was afraid he would be scared to get on the bus but he jumped right on like it was no big deal. The bus driver told me he is a good kid and minds really well. That is good to hear, but I wasn't surprised because he is always good for other people. I can't believe how much he has matured in the two weeks he has been going. He is getting so big! We love our little munchkin butt! Getting on the bus with Miss Linda
My Handsome boy all ready for school

Proudly sporting his new backpack

He wanted me to take a picture of the backpack

Had to throw in a cute picture of Miss Whitlee

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

3 Months and one week

So my baby is three months old already. It seems like it has been a long and a short three months. It flew by, but I can't believe she has only been a part of our family for three months.
3 Month Stats-

  • Whitlee Weighs in at 12 lbs

  • She is still a wonderful sleeper. She goes to bed around 8:00 and will sleep until 4:00. (I am pretty sure I could wean her off of night time feedings all the way, but I feel like I need to keep this feeding since I am working and nursing less often. )

  • She can smile and does it easily. She smiles at any one who talks to her. Even when she is crying if I pick her up and talk to her she can't help but smile at me.

  • She can laugh but that is harder to come by. She has a ticklish spot by her neck and if you work at it she will laugh when you tickle her.

  • She is working on her hand-eye-coordination. She is good at batting at things on her baby gym and she can successfully grab them about half the time. She loves to socialize with the little baby she sees in the mirror on her gym.

  • She is a very good traveler. If we are in the car for any period of time she is asleep. She especially likes Dad's truck because his straight pipe vibrates her.

  • She is a wonderful blessing for our family and, as Dalley would say, We love her more than popsicles!