Saturday, December 11, 2010

Winter Stuff

We have been gone so much lately it feels like I am never home. We went out to Nevada for Thanksgiving and it was wonderful. We spent Thanksgiving with the Hulls.That is my mom's mother's family. It was fun to see people we hadn't seen in awhile. We had dinner at the high school in Alamo. It was weird to be back there. I think I have only been in that building one other time in the 10 years since I graduated. After dinner we made cards for missionaries and played games. Then we went to my Grandma Hatch's house for a visit. It was a fun day. On Saturday we went to the Wright reunion. Which is my mom's dad's family. I don't remember ever going to a Wright reunion before. Jeanne did a really good job of putting it on.

We have spent a few weekends helping my dad bring his cows in. We went out the day before Thanksgiving and we found two wild heifers. I had the tranquilizer gun ready but Dustin was able to rope one and tie him down and then chased the other until he could get her in the trailer. It was a fun day and Dalley had a good time riding the horse and gathering cows

The next weekend Dalley and I went out with my dad. Dalley and I drove a herd about 4 miles to the pond. He did really good. I was afraid he would get bored and want to quit but he is really starting to enjoy being out on the range. When we got to the ranch we unloaded the calves out of the top last and I had Dalley chase them up the alley. He thought he was pretty tough. We also split the wieners into groups. Dalley chased them around with my dad the whole time. He thought he was quite the little helper. He was really excited when I let him ride the horse bareback as I led him to the corral. I can't believe how big he is getting. He is going to be just like his daddy.

Dalley and Mommy

Dalley passed out while we were feeding

Handsome Husband

The first time it snowed Dalley and I made little snowmen, his hands were freezing by the time we were done.I bought him gloves so but it hasn't snowed again

My dad tying one of the wild heifers in the trailer

Dalley and Papa
I loved this picture,i think the mountains are so pretty out there.

Dustin was going to let Dalley pet one of the wild heifers but he would have no part of it

The first heifer Dustin roped

Dalley on Homer
I bought Dalley this hat with ear flaps, he looks like a little old man in it
Three cowboys checking the cows
Dalley feeding the horses

Dustin let Dalley lead Homer to the corral, he thought he was pretty big.

Daddy and Dalley asleep in the back of the truck on the way back to the ranch