Monday, July 11, 2011

My Amazing Family

I am blessed with an amazing family. I can not thank them enough for everything they have done for us over the past five weeks. Whitlee's delivery was not the easiest and after I was home a few days I ended up back in the hospital, then I ended up going to get a blood patch that did not go well. It was a really hard time for me but my family and Dustin's family have been a great help to us. My mom was there from the beginning and stayed with me until I was well enough to take care of the kids. She does so much for us and I am very thankful to her. Dustin's mom came and sat with me for two days. She took care of Dalley while I took a nap each day and it was nice to be able to get some rest. Luke's wife Kayce has been there for me and has offered a lot of help and so has Dustin's sister Haley. After my complications Shawn's wife Stina decided she needed to come and help me. She flew down at the end of June and stayed for a week. She was a lot of help. We got a lot of projects completed that I had been needing to do for awhile. It was so nice to have her and my cute neice and nephew here. I am so thankful for everyone who helped us out. We are truly blessed to have such an amazing family.

The first weekend in July we had a family weekend and it was awesome. My parents came Friday night. On Saturday they took Ira and Dalley and Stina and I took the girls and we all went to Escalante for Kate's baptism. It was a nice day. We headed back in the afternoon but my parents and the boys stayed and went fishing. Dalley had a great time fishing with his grandpa and cousins.

On Sunday we went to church and then hung out and visited. It was a nice lazy day. On Monday we went to the parade and then Stina and the kids had to leave. It was really sad to see them go. After the parade we went home for a nap and then headed to the school for the game booths. Luke's family arrived just in time to go to the festivities.There were a lot of cute games for the kids. It was my first time in my life not being in Alamo on the fourth. It was pretty good but nothing beats your hometown celebration. After the booths we headed to The Robbers Roost for lunch then we went back to my house and hung out and played some phase ten. Then we let off our own fireworks and visted outside until the town fireworks started. They were really late getting started so Luke's family had to leave before they really got going. It was a really fun weekend and it was really hard the next day in my empty house after everyone had left.

Dalley and Dustin got in a water fight one evening, it was pretty cute
Dustin taunting Dalley

Ira and Arvella, I miss these kids already!

Cute little family minus Shawn

Dalley standing on the dog box in Dustin's truck waiting for the parade to start

Ira got a Cowboy hat when we went shopping and he loved it. We gave him some hnad me down Wranglers and boots to complete the outfit

These boys are best friends

Luke's kids doing sparklers

My crazy husband almost burnt his foot lighting fireworks without any shoes on

Kayce and Luke

Cute Kate

My Munchkin

I just love this view, last year it was corn this year it is triticale

Dalley's puppy chasing Kate

Dalley Loves his puppy

Robin Hood Lukie

Whitlee on her one month birthday. The little smarty rolled over on her one month birthday.

Dalley likes to put the binki in

Whitlee all dressed up for church wearing the cute booties and headband Dustin's friend made her