Saturday, February 11, 2012

8 Months? When did that Happen?

Our sweet Whitlee is 8 months old. I am not sure where the time went. We sure love her and think she is wonderful.
8 month stats:

  • I'm not sure how much she weighs but at her last appointment she was 14 something, so she probably weighs around 15 lbs.

  • She isn't crawling yet but she gets to where she wants to go by other methods. She is very mobile.

  • She loves Dalley and he loves her. I love it when i come into the front room and he is playing with her. He haws never had jealousy issues with her and has always been really good with her. I think it is because when I was pregnant with her he was convinced he was pregnant too and when I had her he thought she was the baby from his belly.

  • She doesn't say words but she can sure talk. If she is mad she will let you know. I have been cussed out a few times when she was mad but I'm not sure why.

  • She is a very friendly baby. She will go to anyone and she will smile at anyone who talks to her. Because of this A LOT of random people come up and talk to her. I am not the kind of person who talks to other people's babies so it surprises me when random people want to play with her. It is usually in the check out line at Wal-Mart someone will look at her and she will smile at them so then they start playing with her. I guess some people really love babies!

  • She is still (knock on wood) an excellent sleeper. She does not like staying up past her bedtime and she only likes sleeping in her bed. This makes church a little tricky because if she is being held she won't sleep as long as she needs to. But she is such a patient baby she will usually nap for about 15 minutes during sacrament meeting then she is good until we can get home and put her down for a nap. She likes to go to bed at 7:00 and she will sleep until about 6:00, which is perfect for me cause I like to leave for work at 6:30.

  • She LOVES her daddy. It is so funny to watch her when he comes into the room. If he doesn't pay attention to her then she will pout until he does. If he does pay attention she lights up and gets really excited. It is super cute.

  • She just spent her first week away from mom and dad and she did wonderfully. Dalley and she went to my mom's house while I worked in Provo for a week. It was really hard to leave her but she was so good for my mom and dad. She loves nana and papa and they love her.

Good Buddies
Daddy loves rocking Whitlee before bed

We were able to easily break her from the Binky. At about 7 months we quit giving it to her and she never missed it. She is so laid back I figured she just took it because we wanted her to not because she was ever attached to it.

LOVE this face

LOVE this smile

She loves her cousins

My two favorite kids in the world!