Monday, May 28, 2012

A few pictures

Cute cowboys ready for church

These two love each other

Dustin has been working on getting the water ready on the mountain. Yesterday he asked if we wanted to go with him. He said he was going to Oak Basin which is one of my favorite places especially this time of year. It was absolutely gorgeous. I wish I had a better camera cause my little point and shoot doesn't do this view justice

Dalley said he wanted to have a "little cowboy" photo shoot. He was so cute posing for the pictures

Isn't the background in this picture amazing?

Whit sure loves her daddy!

Saturday, May 26, 2012

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Mother's Day 2012

I had a pretty nice Mother's Day weekend. I have been needing a bigger place to put Dalley's chickens for awhile and Dustin has been working a lot, so he hasn't been around to do it. So finally I decided I was just going to get the materials and do it myself. I bought everything I needed on Friday and brought it home. Dustin surprised me by coming home early on Saturday and telling me he was going to build it for me for Mother's Day. We did it as a family and had a great time.

Dustin's hand was hurting him because he had a rough week. On Monday he had a bull charge him while on his horse and when he tried to get away his foot got caught in the stirrup and he twisted his ankle pretty badly. Then on Tuesday he got bucked off of one of the colts he has been riding and his entire left side turned black and blue. then on Thursday he was running from a bull and his twisted ankle gave out and he fell and smashed his hand into a heavy duty panel. His hand was severely swollen but because he is a stubborn man he wouldn't get it checked. Finally on Saturday night, after he had spent all day building my chicken coop, he admitted that it might need to be checked out. We took him into Panguitch to the emergency room and sure enough it was broken in two places. They splinted it up and told us to see an orthopedist when the swelling went down.

Sunday we went to church then I made dinner for his entire family. Originally the plan was for Dustin to make dinner but since he was wounded I decided to give him the day off. We had a nice visit then all the nieces and nephews came to our house for awhile. Dalley loves having his cousins around and was pretty proud to show them his new chicken coop. I love my cute little family.

Dalley and Whitlee ready for Church

Working on the coop

Whitlee and Daddy at the dinner

Almost ready for the wire. Dalley did most of the painting. I was surprised at how good of a job he did.

Finished product, now we just need the rest of the chickens

Showing off his splint, he hates it when I take pictures of his injuries

Miss Whit crawling

Enjoying being outside while we worked

Dalley was herding the chickens on his old trike

Carter, Kade, and Charolais