Thursday, April 23, 2009

Update on the Sick Baby and other things

Dalley Bugs eating a stick
Dalley and Grandpa Hatch
So after all of the stress of Dalley puking everyday for two months and not sleeping I finally decided to quit going to specialists and get a simpler opinion. On Monday I took him to a P.A. at the Panguitch clinic. She looked him over and said we had two options. We could do a full MRI and other tests to find out what was wrong or we could do a simple test and just put him on allergy medicine and see how it goes. Our pediatrician had said it wasn't possible for this to be something as simple as allergies, but it kind of seems like he was wrong. We have had Dalley on Singulair for three days now and he is already a completely different kid. He is almost back to his old self. He has been happy, he hasn't puked in a couple of days, his eyes aren't running, no coughing or runny nose. He is also starting to get his appetite back. I think it helps for him to know he isn't just going to puke up everything that he eats. Anyway I think that we will be taking him to less specialists if this medicine continues to help him improve. Oh, and the most amazing part of it all is that last night he slept through the night in his crib for the first time ever. I didn't sleep however because I kept thinking his heart had stopped and had to keep getting up to check on him. I think that if this continues then I will start getting a lot more rest.

Last weekend was beautiful. I had Dustin's sister's kids all day Saturday. It is fun for Dalley to have other kids to play with and he had a good time following them around. On Saturday night we went to Jill's for dinner. We had a great time. It has been too long since we had done that. On Sunday, after dinner with Dustin's family, we loaded the rhino and went to the reservoir. We had a good time riding around the shore watching the fishermen. We even let Dalley take his shoes and socks off to wade in the water. The only problem is that we couldn't get him to put them back on after that. He loved it. That night Jill and Mike's family came to our house for a bar-b-que. I love cooking outside and hanging out on the porch. It is my most favorite thing. When I was in college one of the houses we lived in had an amazing porch and we would spend our whole summers out there talking. We even moved a TV out there to watch movies sometimes.
Anyhow Tuesday Dustin brought Dalley a Dogie calf home to raise. We steal a couple bottles of the milk from that can't go to the creamery from the diary everyday and he seems to be doing well. I wanted to name him but Dustin doesn't like me getting attached.
Wednesday night I had a steak dinner for work. It was at the big indoor arena in Panguitch so Dustin brought a horse so that he could rope when it was over. After dinner I took Dalley out to watch Dustin rope. We were back by the chute watching and every time somebody would ride by on a horse Dalley would lift his arms for a ride. Everyone that came up had to load him on their horse and take him around the arena. We finally had to leave so that they could get some roping done. That kid already loves riding, he can't help it, it is in his genes.

Well I am going to try to post some pictures from the last couple of weeks soon. I just need to get them downloaded.

Monday, April 13, 2009

Sick Baby

The last couple of weeks have been a blur of no sleep and a sick kid. About five weeks ago Dalley started getting pretty sick. He had a bunch of different things going on; diaper rashes, tons of mucus, a really bad cough, puking, diarrhea you name it he had it. We took him to the clinic here in Panguitch and they told us he had a double ear infection and put him on an antibiotic which just made all of his symptoms worse. Then two weeks ago we went up to Primary Children's to take him to his Nephrologist. She looked him over and said his kidneys look good, but we need to find out what is wrong with him. She tested him for all sorts of things from Cystic Fibrosis to abnormal thyroid. She had us pretty stressed out for a week waiting for the test results, but finally we found out that all of his labs came back normal. This was good and bad news. Good because it meant he didn't have those things wrong with him but bad because we still don't know what is wrong. I took him to his pediatrician last Friday and he decided that Dalley has a disorder called cyclical vomiting and that we need to go to a gastro enterologist. We can't get in to see him for at least 5 weeks so I am no farther along than when I started and still quite tired from the lack of sleep we have experienced the last five weeks. We had Luke and my dad give him a blessing so I am hoping we either find out what is wrong with him so we can start treating him or he just gets better. The poor kid has been poked and prodded enough in his short life.