Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Nothing Much

Not a whole lot is happening lately. I had big plans for yard work over Memorial Day weekend, but I spent it holding my sick baby. We found out yesterday that he has pneumonia. Can you believe this kid, getting pneumonia in May. He loves to be a rebel. His issues made it a little bit difficult to treat him. He can't have ibuprofen because of his kidneys so we are relying on Tylenol to bring his fever down. He also can't have breathing treatments because they are not an approved medicine for his heart. So we are just giving him antibiotics and we have to take him back to the Dr. in a couple of days if he doesn't improve. Dustin stayed home with him today. He is such a good dad. He loves spending time with Dalley. He also took the whole night shift last night so I could get some good sleep.
Also the big news at our house is that after 15 months Dalley finally has teeth. I was beginning to think he didn't have any in his head. His cousin Ira is nine months younger and was ahead of him in the teeth area. Now Dalley has caught up and he got four at once. They are not all the way in, but you can see the top two really well and the bottom two have barely broken through. I am excited to begin feeding him things that need to be chewed. This opens up a whole new world of food options.
On Sunday night we went to Jill's house for a BBQ it was fun as always. I like getting out of the house and letting someone else do the cooking and the dishes. Michael went to church with us and then came over after church. he was such a big help. Dustin and I were both tired from being up with a sick baby so Michael entertained Dalley while we took a little nap. It was just what I needed. He was so cute with him. I woke up a couple of times to Dalley laughing hysterically at something that Michael was doing to entertain him. I think I want to adopt a ten year old before I have my next baby.
Last week my babysitter told me she needed to quit. She was the best babysitter in the world. She really enjoyed watching Dalley and was sad to tell me that she needed to take a few months off. Her mom has had health issues and she needs to be free to be there for her. I understand why she had to quit, but it is hard to find a sitter as great as her. Dalley starts going to another sitter's house next week. She is in my Bunco group. She has four boys of her own so I think Dalley will like it at her house. He loves having friends to play with. I am also having a high school girl watch him a couple of days a week and having her do a little house cleaning. I am excited to get a little help. It is hard for me to stay on top of everything these days. Work is really busy we are in the process of funding our grant applicants. It is crazy during this time, juggling money and making sure all of the paperwork is filled out and everything. It is just nice to get a little extra help once in awhile.
So I have been babbling, that is all for now. I am headed to Alamo this weekend if Dalley is feeling up to it so I should have some pictures to post soon.

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Little Bits of Information and Lots of Pictures

So it has been a long time since I have put pictures on here. I wanted to update from the last couple of months so that I won't forget.
At the end of March Shawn and Stina were moving to Oregon so we decided to go on a road trip before we left. So Shawn, Stina, Ira,me, My mom, Dalley, Luke, Kayce, Cody, Kate, Lukie, and L.E. left for a quick trip. We started out by going to the Glen Canyon dam then on to the south rim of The Grand Canyon. We then drove to Kayenta Arizona and spent the night. The next morning we headed to monument calley then on to four corners. We then went to Fruitland New Mexico where a brother to our great great great grandfather was buried and we met some of his descendants. It was neat to talk to them. We went as far as Cortez Colorado that night then the next morning hit Mesa Verde and then drove to Moab stopped briefly at arches National Park and came home. It was a lot of driving but it was fun getting to spend quality time with my family.
Shawn, Cody, and Dalley at Glen Canyon Dam

Dalley Looking at the dam
Dalley by the Grand Canyon

Shawn, Stina, and Dalley at Monument Valley, this is a $20 view

My mom and Luke's kids at Four Corners
Dalley at Ira Hatch's grave
This was really cute, Dalley was playing on the grass at the cemetery. Lukie came over and told me he thought Dalley needed a hug so he sat down and hugged him. He is quite a character
Mom, Kayce, Cody, Kate, and L.E. at the Spruce Tree house at Mesa Verde. Mesa Verde was my favorite part of the trip. I am so going back there. I think it is the North American Machu Pichu. Machu Pichu is one of the most amazing places I have ever visited, but this is the next most amazing I think.

Kayce and L.E. going into one of the cellars

This is one of my favorite pictures, he loves to wear his tiger costume to bed

Spaghetti O's are not for this baby

Daddy and Dalley reading tractor books

We bought Dalley a cute horse video game for Easter. He rides the horse to control the video game. He loves it. He likes it even better than his rocking bull he got for his birthday.

I think this picture is so sweet. He is in his car seat and we are on our way out to Alamo for my grandpa's birthday. He is getting so good at riding in the truck. he likes riding in Dustin's truck better than mine. I think it is because Dustin has glass packs so his vibrates more.

Dustin, Kate, and Dalley helping grandma make the bed.

Dalley with one of the chicks we got for Easter

One Saturday I was watching Dustin's nieces and nephews and they love playing hide and seek. We lost Dalley while we were playing and I found him hiding under my bed. He thought he was so clever.

Another clever move, he pushes everything he can find over to the couch so he can use it to climb up. This is when he was using his lion bike as a step stool.

One weekend Dustin's sister's families were going fishing so they invited us. We hauled our Rhino up to the reservoir and had a great time driving around and watching everyone fish. I don't have enough patience for fishing.

This was Dalley's first time putting his feet in the water. He didn't like it at first, but then we couldn't get him to get out. Even after we had put his shoes back on.

Dustin has some leopard skin pajama pants that are slicky material. Dalley looooooves them. he usually walks around with one of the legs wrapped around his neck.

My Handsome boys

Dustin and Dalley on the Rhino, going to get milk from the barn to feed the calves

These are our puppies Ham and Chiz. They climb up the rungs of the hog panels and catapult themselves into Baby Betsy's pen. Then they try to drink all of her milk. I think if they keep doing this they will soon be too fat to fit through the holes.

Dalley playing on his slide that Claudia gave him. He loves it and thinks he is so big when he climbs up the stairs

Dalley and Chiz

Dalley looking dapper in his camo and suspenders
So Dalley spent last week with my parents in Nevada. It was one of the longest weeks of my life. I missed him every day. We left Thursday after work to go out to Hiko. By the time we got to the ranch it was about 9:30 and Dalley was in bed. I went and peeked at him, but that wasn't good enough so I had to hold him. Big mistake. I didn't get any sleep that night cause he was up the rest of the night. I forgot what a light sleeper he is. He can't sleep through any kind of disturbance.

On Friday Dustin and my dad, with 5 Catahoulas in tow, went out to chase wild cows. They had a pretty successful day with the exception of Dustin's big black horse rolling over on him. He said it was his fault because they went up a really steep hill and it was too rocky for the horse to get very good footing. Luckily he wasn't hurt. He told me when he was laying there all he could think about was me telling him to be careful before he had left that morning. I am always afraid he is going to get hurt because he is such a knucklehead and isn't scared of anything. A couple of weeks ago he was helping my day de-horn a large yearling. He was holding the nose tongs and they accidentally let the steer out of the chute. Anyhow he held on to the rope until he had the steer laying down and then proceeded to tie him up with the rope so they could finish cutting his horns. He is definitely fearless or just a knucklehead.
Anyhow one good thing about Dalley spending the week with my parents is that my mom got him sleeping through the night. For the first time in 14 months we are now enjoying very restful nights. It is pretty much amazing.
So this post has taken me two days to complete, but I am finally done. I think I will try to keep up better so the next one won't be so big.