Sunday, September 23, 2012

60 years

 Back in August, my amazing grandparents celebrated 60 years of marriage. What an amazing accomplishment! I am so proud of them and so impressed by their example. They are a great example of love and devotion. They have one of those cute relationships where they both live for each other and would be lost without each other. I am very blessed to have had their example in my life and I am very thankful for it. My grandpa is a true cowboy and my grandma really is an angel. They are a match made in heaven.

To celebrate, their children planned a surprise weekend. All of their kids, along with some of their grand kids and great grand kids, gathered at their house on Friday night. When they got home from the doctor we were all waiting in their living room. It was really cute how excited they were to have everyone there. We hung out and had cake and ice cream. Then the next day we had a BBQ. When we were headed down the second day Dalley asked me if we were going to have to hide again. He liked hiding when we were waiting to surprise them. It was good to see a bunch of relatives and to celebrate my grandparents great accomplishment.
Dalley and Nana making cookies for the BBQ

He is a great little cookie baker

We found a pair of Ryan's old chaps for Dalley to wear

These two are always up to something

Whit loves Papa
Whit with Uncle Scott

Uncle Denny got them this nice cake

My cute grandparents

My cute little Whit

Whit and aunt Darlene
                                                       Whit and Great- Grandma Hatch

Cousin Lukie helping Whit walk

My brother Luke and his wife, Kayce

On Friday morning I took the kids out to ride Taco. He is Luke's miniature. We saddled him up and put a bridle on him. He was not used to the bridle so we were getting him used to it. I led him down into the fields with Dalley riding. When we got into the fields, Dalley decided he wanted to try riding him alone. The minute he tried to turn him, Taco went to bucking. Dalley lasted three bucks then hit the ground. He was pretty miffed until Lukie told him that watching Dalley ride was just like going to the rodeo. After that he thought he was quite the hot shot.

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Cam & Nat said...

love reading your blog!!! Your grandparents look so happy together. MY gparents were married for 61 years. What great examples!!