Friday, October 24, 2008

Somewhat Busy Summer Re-cap

This summer was a lot busier than we usually would have had. I usually have a hard time getting Dustin to go anywhere. He has a hard time not being at the ranch or the dairy every minute. I guess my persuasion skills are becoming more honed because we actually went a few places we had never been before.

On May 20th we blessed Dalley. My whole family came to Circleville for it. My cousin Tasha brought my grandma and grandpa to it. My parents were impressed with the good people in my ward. My mom even said she wouldn't mind living here. I am sure that has nothing to do with being closer to Dalley. Dalley was blessed wrapped in a shawl that my Great-Grandma Hatch made for me to be blessed in. He also wore a cute little pair of cowboy boot booties that my visiting teaching partner made for him.

My Grandma and Grandpa Hatch with Dalley on his Blessing Day

My mom and Dad with Dalley on his blessing day

The next weekend we headed out to Nevada for my little brother Ryan's high school graduation and Eagle court of honor. I didn't get any pictures at the graduation, but I do have a few from the court of honor. Ryan is such a good kid. He is a great example to his big sister.

The older boys in "The Eagles Nest"

Getting sworn in or whatever you call it

In June we went to Moab for the Hatch family reunion. We didn't have very many people show up but we had a great time with the ones who did come. Shawn and Stina drove to Circleville then we went to Moab together. We love spending time with them. At the reunion we spent a lot of time playing cards cause that is what Hatchs do. Some people went golfing and some went to arches National Park. One of the days we went to La Sal where my dad had lived for awhile when he was a kid and my grandpa worked in the mines. On the way back to Moab we stopped at Hole in the Rock.

Everyone who came to the reunion

Playing Candy Bar Bingo

My Cute Grandpa

Goofing around at Hole in the Rock

In July it was back to Alamo/Hiko for the 4th of July. We went down to my grandma's house to watch the parade like we do every year. My grandparents even had a float it was really cute. Then we spent the rest of the day in the house playing cards. Shawn and Stina came for the weekend and we had a BBQ. It was a lot of fun.

Watching the parade in front of Grandma's house

Ryan Packing the flag in the parade

My Grandma, Aunt Darlene, and Aunt Darlene's grand kids on their float

My dad taking Dalley to have a nap
Shawn and Stina BBQ-ing

Dalley loves his Uncle Shawn

In August my mom came and went to Salt Lake with me to watch Dalley while I had to work up there for a week. I am so thankful she did that so I didn't have to leave Dalley. That weekend Shawn and Stina, and my dad came and met up with us and we went to Bryce Canyon National Park. It is beautiful there. After touring the park we went to Escalante and spent the night. The next day Luke and Kayce blessed their newest addition. Her name is Lynda Elaine, but we call her L.E.

Shawn and Stina at Bryce Canyon
My mom and dad at Bryce Canyon

Kayce with new little LE after the blessing

Dalley playing with cousins
Kate holding Dalley
In September I had to work in Salt Lake again so my mom came with me again to watch Dalley. Since we were in downtown Salt Lake we had a little more fun this time. Celeste was with us which made it even better. We went for a carriage ride to memory park. We also had a good time going to the German Deli and the German bakery. We went to the Clark Planetarium and watched a 3-D movie about the International Space station.

Celeste on the carriage ride. ( This quality photo was taken with my phone)

The view of the temple from our carriage
At the end of September we went to Nevada again. Dustin spent two days helping my dad round up cows and my mom and I threw Stina a baby shower. We had a good turn out. I can't believe they will be having a baby soon. Dalley can't wait for his best bud Ira to get here.

Cute little pregnant girl
The first weekend of October, aka my birthday and aka conference weekend, Dalley and I caught a ride out to Nevada to visit. Shawn and Stina came too cause Shawn's birthday is the day after mine. We had fun watching heros and conference of course. On Saturday night we all had dinner at windmill then went home and canned peaches and made applesauce. We had a good time.

My dad decorated this cake for me

Dalley loves his grandma's big tub.

The fruits of our labor

Stina cutting peaches

My dad babysitting Dalley while we were canning

Dalley and his grandpa

Well that is a re-cap of what we did this summer. Basically it is all the occassions I would have blogged about had I been a blogger back then. i don't know why it took me so long to join in the fun.
I have been working on this post for a little while now. I would do a little her and a little there. It was not until I was finished that I realized how ginormous it is. Hopefully you like a good non-fiction novel.

Goodbye Bumbo, Hello High Chair

I am of the opinion that the Bumbo seat is one of the best things ever invented. We have been using Dalley's since he was three months old and it is really handy for when babies don't want to be prostrate all the time, but they can't sit up by themselves. It is also a handy way to feed a baby who is way too small for a high chair. We used the bumbo religiously till my little monkey butt decided he was going to climb out of the Bumbo and dive off of the table. Luckily I looked over and caught him by his ankle right before he hit the floor. My niece Daisy was there and she is still traumatized by it. Now whenever I put him in the Bumbo she says, "If he falls out make sure you catch him by his ankle." She is four. Anyhow due to the traumatizing nature of his fall out of the Bumbo we decided it was time for the high chair. So Wednesday night Dustin just happened to get home a little early so I had him watch Dalley while I assembled the high chair. It is HUGE. Dalley looks like a tiny little guy in it. I forgot to bring my pictures of him being swallowed up by it's vastness, but I will post them later. Even though it is so big, he loves it. It is a new found freedom for me. I am amazed that my life is such that I get excited about high chairs, but I am loving every minute of it.

Monday, October 20, 2008

He Crawls!!!

So for a couple of months now Dalley has been doing his backward crawl, crawdad thing. That was until yesterday. We were in primary and Dustin was teaching the lesson. I put Dalley on the floor and he crawled over to one of the kids in the class like he had been doing it his whole life. Now there is no stopping this kid. He is on the go.

This weekend the weather was beautiful so I enlisted Dustin's nephew to come help me clean my yard. We pulled weeds and hauled them to the back lot to be burned. We then raked leaves and put them in those decorative pumplin leaf bags. It was a lot of fun and we got a lot done. Dalley was a little angel boy and sat in his stroller and watched while we worked.

Dustin got off a little early so we drove into Panguitch so I could buy some fleece for some blankets I wanted to make for my nieces. We were able to get some cute girly fleece for the girls and I bought some John Deere fleece to make Dalley a blanket. While we were there I fell in love with a cute little wrought iron pumpkin stand. Now we just have to get our pumpkins carved.

Friday, October 17, 2008

Deer Hunter's Ball

When Dustin and I were dating I loved the deer hunter's ball. We would go with a bunch of friends and dance and have a good time. After we got married I still enjoyed it. Last night was the ball and I had been looking forward to it all week. Dalley and I got ready so that when Dustin got home from hauling his cows we would be ready to go. We all got dressed up went over to the ball, paid to get in, and bought raffle tickets. We said our hellos to everyone. We sat on the bleachers for five minutes and a short 40 minutes after we arrived we left. The band was too loud for Dalley bugs. We are now officially in the boring stage of life.
The above picture is of my handsome boys all ready to go dancing. We didn't even get to dance once before we had to leave.
On the bright side Dustin bought us a camp trailer last night and it is a lot nicer than the one we just sold. He has been riding a colt for a guy here in town and bought the camp trailer with his horse training money. Our old trailer was on the little side. this one is big enough that we can bring Dalley's pack-n-play and set it up so he will have his own bed. I was never one who needed a camp trailer to go camping, or even a tent, but in my older years I am finding it is much more convenient to have everything stored in a trailer and all we have to do is hook on and go.

Thursday, October 16, 2008

The Beginning

I have decided that I will join the blogging world. I enjoy reading friends blogs and finding out about people that I haven't seen for years. I am starting with a picture of Dalley. I am afraid you will see a lot of him. He is the cutest thing that I have to take pictures of so I do so frequently. Maybe even a little bit excessively. I just want to record every moment I can cause he is growing up so fast. He is 27 weeks old or almost 8 months. I prefer to tell his age in weeks though because that seems younger, 8 months seems really big. He is only 4 months away from a year and that blows my mind. Currently he is crawling backward. The guys I work with call him Crawdad. He can sit up by himself and he is about as spoiled as they come. He is also about the funnest baby I know (I am not partial at all). He is always happy and smiling. He smiles at everyone who talks to him. We are always getting stopped by people in stores, restaurants, and church who want to talk to him or even try to hold him. I have had so many random people stop me to talk to him. Celeste, my mom, and I were eating at this Italian restaurant in Salt Lake and the owner came and took him and walked around the place talking to him and kissing him.
Any how I could go on all day. So here is my start I hope I remember to be diligent about updating this thing.