Saturday, January 30, 2010

Rainy Days and SATURDAYS get me down

I know it is crazy but I have the hardest time with Saturdays. It is the only day all week that I don't have a schedule and complete structure and that drives me nuts. Because of the lack of schedule and structure it also gives me time to think about Dustin being gone. It has been especially hard lately because not only has he been working with no days off, they are also working him so many hours that he goes straight to bed as soon as he gets off of work. This means that Dalley and I haven't been able to go see him because it is not worth it to drive all that way to see him for ten minutes. For the last forty-eight hours he has worked all but about 12 hours of them. They don't even give him much time to sleep. I can tell that it is getting to him and I feel so terrible that he has to go through this. When it gets hard for me I try to remember that as hard as it is on my end he has it so much worse. At least I have Dalley to make me laugh and to give me big squeezes and kisses. I only have to make it through one more day though. They are letting Dustin come home tomorrow night, then he goes to St. George Monday morning for his school week in St. George. Then next weekend we are going to go to Mesquite with Anne and Jason for some much needed relaxation time! I am so excited, to see my honey and spend time with him. I guess I didn't really accomplish much with this post but if Dustin ever reads it he will know that I am missing him.

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Snow pictures and cuteness from Dalley

We have recently been getting more snow than we usually get at once. Back in 2005 we had storms like this but it led to massive floods in the spring and a lot of damage. My agency spent the next two years after fixing all that mother nature had destroyed. We do need the moisture I just hope that this time it isn't accompanied by all of the flooding. These pictures are all out of order cause my mouse is malfunctioning.

Dalley's truck was stuck in the snow. He climbed in and tried to make it go with no luck. We had to dig him out and then he couldn't go anywhere anyway.
I think that this boy is way to skinny, I need some advice on fattening him up. He will be two in a month and he has only put on five pounds this year.

This is munchkin butt walking down the sidewalk after I scooped him a path. It is hard to tell but the snow hits him about at the waist.

These are Dalley's puppies that Dustin brought him last time he came home. They have straw in their doghouse but I still feel bad for them with this cold weather. Not quite bad enough to let them live in the house though.

Last Sunday i woke up and all of the trees had ice on them. These pictures don't quite do justice to how pretty it was.
The side yard and the swing covered in ice

This movie is mostly for my mom, so she can get an update on Dalley's cuteness, which I am glad to oblige. Please ignore the five year old's voice. Whenever I hear my voice on a recording I can't believe that is actually how I sound.

Friday, January 15, 2010

Holliday Pictures

So I finally uploaded the Christmas pictures. It is very unlike me, but I only took a few pictures. I usually have about five hundred from each Holiday so this was a big change.

Dalley is a very expressive kid lately, he is always pulling the funniest faces, especially when he is in trouble and wants you to laugh at him and forget that he is being naughty.

This was the Saturday before Christmas he thought he was funny putting on my boots and wanted me to take a picture.

Circleville Town had Santa Claus come so the kids could go see him. Dalley wasn't too impressed but he was a big fan of all the candy they gave him.

He held on tight to his bag of candy, he wasn't going to let anyone take it away. When he finally forgot about it I hid it. It was way too much candy for a 20 month old
This was what my living room looked like before Christmas
This is what it looked like after. I think we were hit by a tornado or something
These are the cute Chap stockings I bought at the craft fair. I had our names embroidered on them. I loved how they turned out.

Dalley opening his Christmas Eve PJ's
Dustin and Dalley wearing their new hats. I had Dustin's hat made for him and Uncle Ryan gave Dalley his. It says "Daddy's Little Hunting Buddy"
Dalley LOVES his stick horse that Grandma and Grandpa Hatch gave him
Dustin and Dalley with all of Dalley's loot
One of Dalley's new shirts
Riding his horse on the mini trampoline

When Luke and Kayce came Dalley and L.E. played pretty good together. I took this cute picture of them sitting Dalley's recliner together. They got in together by them selves. It looked like they were getting along pretty good. Then this happened:

Monday, January 11, 2010

Christmas/New Years

I haven't written about the holidays yet because I haven't downloaded the pictures yet. I decided I needed to at least write a post before I forget and I will post pictures later.
This Christmas was different than any other but still wonderful. In the last twenty-nine years I have never not had Christmas at my parents house. Well with Dustin working out of town he said that we were staying home for Christmas because after traveling home from Moab he didn't feel like traveling even farther to Hiko. I was bummed at first but then I came up with the idea that if I can't go to my parents house they could come here. It too ALOT of convincing to get my dad to come and he never did commit. A week before he was still telling me he would "probably" come. They did come and it was really fun.
I met parents in Cedar on the 23rd to do some last minute shopping and to pick up the hat I had specially ordered for Dustin. Then on the morning of the 24th Dustin and my dad went cougar hunting. They didn't find any cougars but they did almost get stuck in the deep snow. My dad said he still had a good time cause he got to see some new country. That night we went to Kingston, Junction , and around Circleville looking at all the Christmas lights. Dalley would point and say Pwitty. It was very cute. We went home and Dalley opened his PJ's. Then we watched a movie and went to bed. We got up around 7:00. Dalley got a big red wooden barn and some horses and cows to put in it. His favorite presents were his stick horse and his tractors. He also loves his truck and trailer. He was a happy kid.
I was a happy girl because Dustin spoiled me a little. I got a laptop, a blackberry, a jogging stroller and a trunk. It was the first time that Dustin has given a gift for me any thought so it meant a lot. He is a very manly man, but not a very thoughtful man.
That afternoon we talked to Ryan and it was great to talk to him. I think he talked for about three hours. He sent us a really cute DVD of what he has been up to, it was really cool. Around 6:00 that night Luke and Kayce came for Christmas Dinner. Dalley loved having all the cousins around. He plays really well with L.E.. Family really is what makes the holidays special.
Then everyone left the next day. Dustin left on Sunday and my house got really empty with just Dalley and I in it. I had another week off of work so we headed out to Hiko for the week. We were planning on staying through Saturday but on New year's Eve Dalley started getting sick. He was fine until he took a nap then he woke up croupy. I gave him some extra medicine and he was fine until he went to bed, then when I went to lay him down he woke up struggling to breathe. He kept getting worse and with his lung issues we can't take any chances, so off we went for the E.R. in Cedar at midnight. I didn't even notice that it was new years I was so worried about him. At the hospital they gave us some steroids let us go. I was kicking myself because I have an emergency supply of the medicine at home I just didn't take it with me. Anyhow we went to a motel and slept the rest of the night almost until check out time. Dalley likes to keep things interesting for sure.